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Thumbnail for - 5 Questions for Rising Chocolatiers Charley & Jessica Wheelock
Sep 7, 2011
Get ready for the next wave in chocolate making: bean-to-bar. Local pioneers Charley and Jessica Wheelock run the Woodblock Chocolate Manufactory out of their Southeast Portland home, and the...
Thumbnail for - The Power of Pita
Aug 31, 2011
Wolf & Bear, aka Tanna Tenhoopen and Jeremy Garb, just might be the coolest cart owners in Portland, breaking through the food scene with a serious little Middle-Eastern kitchen in a...
Thumbnail for - Bounty in a Box
Aug 24, 2011
“Ohay? gozaimasu!!” The greeting rings out as we step through the door at Chef Naoko Bento Café on SW Jefferson Street in downtown Portland. You don’t often hear the words in Portland, and it’s...
Thumbnail for - Garden Varieties
Aug 19, 2011
Three local chefs share recipes straight from their gardens.
Thumbnail for - Crumb Trail
Aug 19, 2011
Our chocolate-chip trip through the city uncovered a wealth of cookie creativity.
Thumbnail for - High Spirits
Aug 19, 2011
Peruse an innovative menu of fresh combos and local liquor at the newly opened Bent Brick.
Thumbnail for - In the Kitchen with Colin Pomeroy
Aug 19, 2011
Gilt Club bartender Colin Pomeroy walks us through the steps of preparing a berry-infused Strawberry Brunette cocktail.
Thumbnail for - The Bomb Banh Mi
Aug 17, 2011
When it comes to the perfect banh mi—the traditional Vietnamese submarine style sandwich—some connoisseurs think it’s go literal or go home. But at Lela’s Bistro, owners Laura Le and Min...
Thumbnail for - Café Velo Shutters
Aug 16, 2011
It’s a sad day for the 9 to 5 downtown crowd. Café Velo, the teeny take-out café wedged on the downtown Portland bus mall at SW Pine Street and 6th Avenue, has closed its doors for an...
Thumbnail for - Slide Show: Madonna’s Birthday!
Aug 16, 2011
Her royal Madge-sty celebrates her 53rd birthday today. The lovely Leo has been busy reinventing the fashion wheel every two years or so. Behold the slideshow of the good, the bad and the...
Listing 361 - 370 of 414 Results