Angela Sanders

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Thumbnail for - A Summer-Camp Craft Becomes High Art
Jul 1, 2014
Portland artist Jo Hamilton crochets larger-than-life portraits and wall-sized cityscapes—you'll never look at a ball of yarn the same way.
Thumbnail for - Tea and Circumstantial Evidence
May 1, 2014
Once a month, a bunch of nice ladies (and a few gents) gather for Chinese food and civilized banter about violent crime.
Thumbnail for - The Cruciverbalist
Dec 2, 2013
Portland's global crossword puzzle star is deeply tied to the world of wordcraft.
Thumbnail for - Pomegranate, Portland's Modern Priestess
Oct 1, 2013
A moderm Portland witch stirs up podcasts and therapy sessions
Thumbnail for - Triathletes Prove Age is Just a Number
Sep 3, 2013
Two local women embrace competitive running, swimming, and biking on a global level.
Thumbnail for - Veteran Pan Am Stewardesses Look Back
Jul 1, 2013
What was the golden age of jet travel really like?
Thumbnail for - Smelling A Story
Jan 25, 2013
Imaginary Authors creates a line of tale-telling perfumes.
Thumbnail for - Divine Venture
May 19, 2009
In the digital age, software replaces soothsayer and turns the art of divination into a profitable product.