Amara Holstein

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Jul 18, 2012
A family of Los Angeles transplants reimagines the potential of their Tudor home, crafting a stylish, light-filled haven for themselves—both indoors and out.
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Apr 27, 2012
Believe it or not, it's possible to get vintage style without the accompanying price tag.
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Apr 26, 2012
Modern conveniences remain tastefully hidden among the artifacts in a magnificent Southeast Queen Anne Victorian.
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Dec 23, 2011
A Pearl District condo is transformed from blank slate to a bastion of urbane beauty.
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Oct 20, 2011
With curves and swoops in every direction, Edgar Papazian’s head-turning architectural remodel on Mount Tabor creates a home that wraps his family in a warm embrace.
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Sep 21, 2011
A style-conscious clan from across the pond transform a "dark and oppressive" domicile into fun for the whole family.
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Jul 22, 2011
Just beyond the traffic-snarled concrete of Southwest Portland, Chris and Gretchen Hotz have transformed a bland, poorly designed split-level into an artful abode oozing style and character.
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Jul 22, 2011
Suzanne Fuoco's jams combine fruit flavors from well outside the box.
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Jul 1, 2011
Portland has a lot to offer in terms of wonderful things to adorn and enliven your home. From fun new design stores to marvelous artisan olive oil to amazing artists to revolutionary local...
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Jun 28, 2011
  When Alissa Pulcrano of Bright Design Lab bought her place, it was a pretty standard place. But as a designer whose firm does everything from remodels to kitchen planning to custom furniture...
Listing 11 - 20 of 73 Results