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Thumbnail for - Dragonfish Closing, Reopening as Tasting East
Feb 2, 2012
A fish by any other name: Dragonfish Restaurant in the Paramount Hotel has closed its doors at 909 SW Park Avenue. The space is currently being transformed into Asian fusion eatery Tasting East...
Thumbnail for - Service Shake-Ups
Feb 2, 2012
Bijou Does Dinner: Popular downtown dining destination Bijou Café will add Friday dinner service starting this week, February 3rd (132 SW 3rd Ave). According to Chef Josh Lorenzen, doors will...
Thumbnail for - 6 Local Sweets for Your Sweetheart
Feb 1, 2012
Somewhere along the line, desserts and candies earned the peerless reputation for being romantic, sexy, and made with love. Maybe you’re more of a passionate pork belly lover, or have been known...
Thumbnail for - Classic Wines Auction Week of Wine
Jan 31, 2012
The Classic Wines Auction is one of the largest fundraisers in Oregon—raising over $26 million for Portland-area charities since 1982—and this year it’s getting even bigger. The auction will be...
Thumbnail for - Eat Beat Neighborhood News
Jan 31, 2012
Southeast Sellwood: Killer Burger—home of the peanut butter pickle bacon burger—will be opening a third location in the former Hash space in Sellwood (8728 SE 17th Ave). Co-owned by Mark McCrary...
Thumbnail for - Game Day Grub Guide
Jan 30, 2012
Whether you’re rooting for the Giants, the Patriots, or the commercials, you’re going to need to eat this Super Bowl Sunday. Several Portland eateries and local food purveyors are ready to set...
Thumbnail for - Departure’s Vegan Menu
Jan 27, 2012
Departure’s menu has long been accommodating to special requests and dietary restrictions. The kitchen has offered a gluten-free menu by request for a year, the restaurant played host to an...
Thumbnail for - Plate & Pitchfork Comes to the City
Jan 26, 2012
To celebrate ten years of wildly successful dinners connecting diners, chefs, and farmers in the Portland area, Plate & Pitchfork founder Erika Polmar has announced a new culinary series that...
Thumbnail for - Boke Bowl
Jan 26, 2012
The ramen at Boke Bowl is sensational. But there's a lot more than noodles happening here.
Thumbnail for - National Peanut Brittle Day
Jan 26, 2012
January 26th is National Peanut Brittle Day, so I’ve culled some of the best buttery and nutty, sweet and salty variations on the classic treat from around Portland. Get crunching! Pick up some...
Listing 851 - 860 of 1111 Results