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Thumbnail for - Can You Bellydance Your Way To Fitness?
Apr 7, 2015
A local bellydance pro and pilates teacher offers insight on the practice's inclusivity, sensuality, and physically transformative power.
Thumbnail for - How One Simple Tool Sets This Massage Treatment Apart From All Others
Apr 7, 2015
Local body work pro Vicki Seabrook harnesses inflatable balls to cure what ails you, from wrinkles to tendonitis.
Thumbnail for - Early Morning Exercise Tips from Portland Fitness Pros
Apr 3, 2015
Local trainers reveal their secrets for making good on your a.m. sweat commitments.
Thumbnail for - Kick Your Spring Cold with this Herb & Nettle Soup
Apr 2, 2015
Get wild and heal what ails you with this nutrient-packed spring ingredient—once you get over your fears.
Thumbnail for - Yoga Bhoga's Yogic Lore Mixes Storytelling with Movement
Apr 2, 2015
The studio manager of Southeast Portland's popular Yoga Bhoga uses stories of mythic deities, sages, and animals to guide her students deeper into their bodies and minds.
Thumbnail for - Kickstart Your Spring Cycling with a Personalized Bike Fitting
Apr 2, 2015
One physical therapist's campaign to get you back in the saddle
Thumbnail for - The Ultimate Guide to Portland Brunch
Apr 1, 2015
Hungry for brunch? We've got the details—from wait times to must-order dishes—for 55 of our favorites.
Thumbnail for - Personal Training VS Small Group Training: Which One is For You?
Mar 26, 2015
It all comes down to your goals—and what motivates you to get moving!
Thumbnail for - A New Wave of Innovative Yoga Pants
Mar 25, 2015
These days, hard-training yogis are demanding more of their pants than stretchy fabrics and un-see-through-ness. We take a look at 8 new developments in the rapidly growing market.
Thumbnail for - The Balance Calendar—PDX Fitness and Health Events
Mar 23, 2015
Take care of your skin, find out what to eat to fuel your fitness goals, and relax with a monthly restorative yoga retreat!
Listing 41 - 50 of 1148 Results