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Thumbnail for - Carrie Brownstein on Wait Wait…Don’t Tell Me!
Apr 2, 2012
The country’s love of Portlandia (or at least the media’s) shows no sign of slowing. This weekend, Carrie Brownstein made a star radio turn on the NPR quiz show Wait Wait…Don’t Tell Me! for the...
Thumbnail for - Interview with the Director of The Brother/Sister Plays
Mar 29, 2012
In the annals of graduate school theater, few productions have rocketed to the success of the The Brother/Sister Plays. First workshopped at the Yale School of Drama in 2006 by...
Thumbnail for - Back Fence PDX Greatest Hits!
Mar 28, 2012
If the local storytelling phenom Back Fence PDX created a live greatest-hits album, this would be it: Side A – Be Careful What You Wish For: Dreams, Idols, Obsessions (Thursday night): Lauren...
Thumbnail for - Interview: Moshe Kasher
Mar 27, 2012
In preview of his uncomfortably funny memoir, Kasher in the Rye: The True Tale of a White Boy from Oakland Who Became a Drug Addict, Criminal, Mental Patient, and Then Turned 16, stand up...
Thumbnail for - Review: Linda Austin’s A head of time
Mar 24, 2012
There’re no shortage of things in Linda Austin’s and Performance Works Northwest’s new ensemble work, A head of time, at Imago Theatre: 300 blankets, eight dancers, five small mobile TVs, several...
Thumbnail for - Five Questions with… Radiolab
Mar 23, 2012
Who or what is Radiolab? "Two free-floating particles going out together against the universe."
Thumbnail for - Bump & Rhyme
Mar 23, 2012
Madison High librarian Nancy Sullivan inspires young poets to dream big.
Thumbnail for - Win Tickets to Anaïs Mitchell’s Hadestown
Mar 22, 2012
Singer-songwriter Anaïs Mitchell is bringing her critically acclaimed folk opera, Hadestown, to the Doug Fir on Wednesday, March 28. A post-apocalyptic, depression-era retelling of the Orpheus...
Thumbnail for - Talks by Two Photographers Who Document the Otherworldly on Earth
Mar 22, 2012
If Portland’s endless drizzle has you feeling claustrophobic, there’re two opportunities this week to be transported to entirely different, beautifully alien landscapes—one flush with majestic...
Thumbnail for - The Agony and the Ecstasy of Mike Daisey
Mar 19, 2012
Originally published March 16, 2012 at 5pm. Reposted here with addendum. We recently blogged about monologuist Mike Daisey making the transcript to his one-man show about Apple and Steve Jobs,...
Listing 391 - 400 of 434 Results