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Thumbnail for - Portland Opera Unveils Its 2012/2013 Season
Jan 13, 2012
Last night, opera lovers turned out in dresses and suits—showing that there are still some people in Portland who appreciate dressing up—to the Art Museum’s Fields Ballroom for the unveiling of...
Thumbnail for - Stage Cure
Nov 18, 2011
Local musician Holcombe Waller does a lot more than just strum and sing.
Thumbnail for - Five Questions For…Craig Thompson
Aug 19, 2011
Local graphic novelist Craig Thompson addresses Islamophobia
Thumbnail for - The Ladies’ Man
Mar 15, 2011
Portland filmmaker Todd Haynes has just wrapped up his new miniseries, _Mildred Pierce_, a complex drama about a woman's rise in business and family strains. Haynes has been in the business for...
Thumbnail for - Reel World
Feb 11, 2011
Portland's indie film scene is on the rise, illustrated by the new state-of-the-art Indent Studios in Southeast Portland. A 2008 study shows that the film industry contributed $708 million to the...
Listing 371 - 375 of 375 Results