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Thumbnail for - An arts-focus school with just one arts teacher?
Apr 30, 2012
Two out of the three arts teachers at Buckman Elementary, Portland’s only public arts-focus K-5 school, have received word that they will be laid off after the end of the current school year due...
Thumbnail for - Music Review: A Monument by Tu Fawning
Apr 27, 2012
Tu Fawning returns with a darkly seductive wintry pop album that our reviewer calls a "a decadent carnival ride."
Thumbnail for - Best of the City 2012
Apr 26, 2012
*OUR LATEST BEST-OF EDITION* comes jam-packed with 100 reasons to cheer our fair town. among our raves: crêpes that’ll make your toes curl, a cobbler who picks up and delivers, and the one place...
Thumbnail for - Orange Lining
Apr 25, 2012
As work on the new MAX Orange Line connecting Milwaukie with downtown Portland begins, TriMet has issued an open invitation for submissions of short, creative lines of text to be used in Orange...
Thumbnail for - Win Tickets to Radiolab + Interview with Jad and Robert
Apr 24, 2012
This contest is now closed. Please sign up for our weekly On The Town Newsletter to learn about future contests. Jad Abumrad and Robert Krulwich co-host WNYC’s making-nerds-sexy program Radiolab...
Thumbnail for - 2012 Oregon Book Award Winners
Apr 24, 2012
Last night, Literary Arts announced the winners of the 25th annual Oregon Book Awards. Standouts include Joe Sacco’s meticulously reported and drawn Footnotes in Gaza winning OBA’s first ever...
Thumbnail for - It’s Official: Joe Haege = the Creepiest Guy in Town
Apr 24, 2012
In a message about Adam Arnold’s amazing costumes for OBT, Shop Talk chanteuse Eden Dawn innocuously sent me a link to a video starring members of Tu Fawning and 31 Knots, saying only that “It’s...
Thumbnail for - Review: OBT’s Chromatic Quartet
Apr 21, 2012
Stage lights shine down with harsh, fractured, noir-like geometry on a ballerina in a gorgeous cocktail dress splayed on the stage like the victim of some glamorous nightclub murder. Male dancers...
Thumbnail for - Review: Portland Center Stage’s Anna Karenina
Apr 19, 2012
Just as every unhappy family is unhappy in its own way, to quote the opening sentence of Leo Tolstoy’s Anna Karenina, every theatrical adaptation is unhappy in its own way, too. Not to say that...
Thumbnail for - Win Tickets to Grammy-Winning NYC Chanteuse Lady Rizo
Apr 18, 2012
I’ll say this as bluntly as I can: Lady Rizo is consistently one of NYC’s best night’s out. She’s got pipes that can go from a Nina Simone warble to a Janis Joplin belt, but just as entertaining...
Listing 371 - 380 of 434 Results