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Thumbnail for - The Insider’s Guide to the Gorge
May 25, 2012
The Columbia River Gorge attracts more than 2 million visitors a year, and we’re betting you’re one of them. But how well do you really know our signature landscape? Sure, you’ve seen Multnomah...
Thumbnail for - PICA Announces the Initial Lineup for TBA 2012
May 24, 2012
Just got back from a meeting at Portland Institute for Contemporary Art’s still shiny new digs to get a preview of the lineup for this year’s Time-Based Art Festival from the new artistic...
Thumbnail for - Review: Mishka Henner’s “No Man’s Land”
May 24, 2012
{% display:image for:post image:0 align:left %} Google Street View has raised a number of controversies involving invasion of privacy, mostly involving people—often the wealthy kind—not...
Thumbnail for - Unlikely Adventures
May 23, 2012
Journalist Peter Zuckerman tells the story of K2’s deadliest day from the point of view of the tireless sherpas.
Thumbnail for - PDX Pop Now! Announces Its 2012 Compilation Album Lineup and Release Show
May 21, 2012
Sasquatch is kicking off the summer music festival season this weekend with the big names and big budgets, but you don’t have to travel five hours for quality music festival lineups—not when you...
Thumbnail for - Human, Nature
May 18, 2012
Lorenzo Triburgo merges transgender men and corny, Bob Ross–style landscapes in portraits that playfully puncture assumptions about men, women, landscape, and photography.
Thumbnail for - Spider Woman
May 18, 2012
When you work for Cirque du Soleil, home is where the tent is.
Thumbnail for - Review: Imago Theatre’s ‘The Black Lizard’
May 17, 2012
The sexy sway of the Black Lizard sure has seduced Portland with her campy Japanese charms. Perhaps you’ve heard of her from Pink Martini’s “The Song of the Black Lizard,” the eerie but beautiful...
Thumbnail for - The Oregon Symphony Gets Dark and Seedy for Its Closing Concerts
May 16, 2012
When composer Igor Stravinsky’s angular, dissonant ballet The Rite of Spring premiered at Paris’s Théâtre des Champs-Élysées in 1913, its combination of jarring music, uncomfortable choreography,...
Thumbnail for - Bring It On: The Musical Goes to Broadway Courtesy of Oregon-born Theater Wunderkind
May 15, 2012
Don’t say Oregon don’t play on Broadway. Coos Bay born and raised theater boy Jeff Whitty, who won a Tony for his book to the pervy puppet musical Avenue Q, is going to take home his second...
Listing 341 - 350 of 421 Results