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Thumbnail for - TBA Day 7: Review of Keith Hennessy's <em>Turbulence</em>
Sep 12, 2012
A glorious mess that's shot through with enough rigor, humor, and heart to entertain and incite. World premiere plays Tues thru Fri at 8:30.
Thumbnail for - New Helio Sequence Album + Video Out Today
Sep 12, 2012
The band's long-anticipated fifth album, Negotiations, is out today, along with a dark new video.
Thumbnail for - TBA Day 6: <em>Perforations</em> Review
Sep 11, 2012
Site specific performances by Balkan artists contain moments of beauty, but mostly moments of boredom. Final performance on Tuesday at 8:30.
Thumbnail for - TBA Day 5: <em>Ten Tiny Dances</em> Slideshow
Sep 10, 2012
The perennial favorite delighted with goats, cyborgs, all new performers, gunshots, group slow dances, and a new record for maximum number of people on stage.
Thumbnail for - TBA Day 4: Contrasting Review of Miguel Gutierrez + Nora Chipaumire
Sep 9, 2012
The two artists give performances from opposite sides of the artistic spectrum: from light to darkness and self-revelation to self-obfuscation.
Thumbnail for - TBA Day 3: Christeene Recap + Nora Chipaumire Talk
Sep 8, 2012
Christeene sings "African Mayonnaise," and Zimbabwean-born dancer Chipaumire talks about being an African artist, dealing with the black body, and her performance tonight, Miriam.
Thumbnail for - TBA Day 2: Big Art Group's <em>The People—Portland</em> Review
Sep 7, 2012
Big Art Group transforms Washington High School, inside and out, into a modern retelling of a Greek tragedy that's epic both in scope and imagination.
Thumbnail for - Interview with TBA's Gender Terrorist Christeene
Sep 7, 2012
Austin performer Paul Soileau talks about his booty-bouncing, trash-rapping, grill-wearing, gender queer alter ego who will shake up the Works tonight at 10:30pm.
Thumbnail for - Time-Based Art Festival Preview
Sep 6, 2012
TBA celebrates its 10th birthday with a global lineup, some returning stars, a new curator, and a fancy new late night setup at Washington High School. Here are our picks for Week 1.
Thumbnail for - Win Tickets to Food Guru Mark Bittman
Sep 5, 2012
The author and New York Times food visionary is kicking off the new blockbuster foodie fest, Feast, with a talk on Sept. 20. And we've got tickets for you!
Listing 311 - 320 of 437 Results