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Thumbnail for - OBT's the Body Beautiful Preview + Slide Show
Oct 9, 2012
The Oregon Ballet Theatre creates a night of dance around myth and the human form, involving mammoth original sculptures. Opens this weekend.
Thumbnail for - 10th Annual FOUND Magazine Tour Hits PDX
Oct 8, 2012
Brothers Davy & Peter Rothbart bring voyeuristic snippets from other people's lives from the page to the stage tonight at Powell's and tomorrow at Holocene.
Thumbnail for - Review: Third Rail's That Hopey Changey Thing
Oct 7, 2012
Third Rail Repertory sets us a place at the Apple family table in this astute, humorous, but not always hardy telling of the political drama. Plays thru October 28.
Thumbnail for - Review: NW Dance Project
Oct 5, 2012
The local world–class dance company tackles three ambitious world premieres, and award-winner Franco Nieto shines. Playing through Saturday at Lincoln Hall.
Thumbnail for - First Thursday
Oct 4, 2012
It might be the last sunny First Thursday. So get (gallery) hopping with our picks for the day and weekend, near and far.
Thumbnail for - Exclusive Interview: Grizzly Bear's Edward Droste
Oct 4, 2012
In preview of their concert tonight at the Keller, we talk with Droste about his cousin, Pink Martini's China Forbes, and what they have in store for Portland audiences (hint: floating jelly fishes).
Thumbnail for - OMG: The Book of Mormon Goes on Sale This Friday!
Oct 3, 2012
The biggest Broadway show on Earth (and any other celestial sphere) hits Portland in January. Tickets on sale Friday at 10 am.
Thumbnail for - New Music Video: Menomena’s “Plumage”
Oct 3, 2012
Assault rifles, smoking jackets, Evel Knievel suits, snifters, and rocket launchers. An outrageous musical one-upmanship that’s the best thing we’ve seen all week.
Thumbnail for - Artist Talk: Kara Walker
Sep 27, 2012
The controversial art star talks at Reed College on October 2 about her work exploring racism, sexuality, and violence. Her solo exhibit runs through November 18.
Thumbnail for - Slide Show Preview: White Bird's Le Grand Continental
Sep 26, 2012
This Sunday, over 150 people will fill Pioneer Square with the biggest choreographed dance the city's ever seen. Check out our photo preview.
Listing 291 - 300 of 437 Results