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Thumbnail for - A Portland-Perth Collaboration Yields New Space Game
Jan 26, 2015
Retro adventure game Space Age was four years and two continents in the making.
Thumbnail for - 5 Apps to Transform Your Monetary Life
Jan 5, 2015
Your phone is about to become your new financial guru.
Thumbnail for - Starbucks Launches Mobile Ordering System in Portland
Dec 3, 2014
The coffee giant's iPhone ordering system is rolling out in Portland starting today.
Thumbnail for - Slide Show: Starbucks Mobile Ordering System
Dec 3, 2014
Starting today, Portland will serve as the first test market for the coffee giant's mobile ordering system.
Thumbnail for - Drones are Set to Conquer Oregon's Skies. Are You Ready?
Dec 1, 2014
Oregon’s drone dreamers envision an innovative, lucrative “Silicon Sky.” First, they must overcome the feds, privacy proponents, and public fear.
Thumbnail for - The Mad Science Behind OMSI's Greatest Exhibits
Oct 10, 2014
In the Oregon Museum of Science and Industry’s exhibition-design laboratory, the future of learning is under construction.
Thumbnail for - Ziba Made Your Ketchup Bottle—Now It's Remaking Itself
Sep 26, 2014
For 30 years, the storied design firm Ziba has created pioneering products for the world’s biggest companies. The most crucial project yet: moving forward.
Thumbnail for - Could Mushrooms Offer the Cure for Cancer?
Sep 10, 2014
A Q&A with Paul Stamets, one of the nation’s leading mycologists (mushroom scientists)
Thumbnail for - The South Waterfront's New Research Epicenter
Sep 2, 2014
A bold new research hub unites three ambitious universities and a rising neighborhood.
Thumbnail for - BuddyUp Hopes to Change the Way College Students Study
Sep 2, 2014
A PSU alum gives "group think" a new meaning with a smart new study-buddy app.
Listing 1 - 10 of 60 Results