CEOS DON’T LIKE the color red. At least not according to a new personality test based primarily on color preference. Developed in the 1990s by Atlanta temp agency owner Dewey Sadka, the Dewey Color System purports to be as accurate as the Myers-Briggs personality test, but doesn’t require answering virtually the same question 16 times over (which might explain why it’s gaining popularity). The Dewey also automatically suggests careers for you. We asked a few prominent Portlanders to take the 60-second test and share their results. Is it accurate? Who knows? But we’re taking some comfort in the fact that Oregon’s state economist ranks as a “Creator”—maybe he’s got some ideas about how to create new jobs.

Wim Wiewel

President, Portland State University

Best occupational category

Researcher traits
Independent, self-motivated, reserved, introspective,
analytical, and curious

Suggested researcher careers
Professor, physician, psychologist, chemist, inventor, dentist, real estate appraiser, veterinarian,
geologist, physicist

Second-best occupational category

Organizer traits
Self-controlled, practical, self-contained, orderly, systematic, precise, and accurate

Suggested organizer careers
Administrator, secretary, printer, paralegal, building inspector, statistician, financial analyst, proofreader, accountant, banker, IRS agent

Merritt Paulson

Owner/president, Portland Beavers and Portland Timbers

Best occupational category

Creator traits
Nonconforming, impulsive, expressive, romantic, intuitive, sensitive, and emotional

Suggested creator careers
Advertising executive, architect, web designer, creative director, public relations, artist, interior decorator, librarian, musician, writer

Second-best occupational category