News that Powell’s Books and Rogue Ales are collaborating on a beer infused with actual pages of Moby-Dick raises the troubling prospect of 50 Shades of Grey–flavored absinthe.





Twilight starlet Kristen Stewart has done her part for Portland’s global branding campaign by sporting A MARY’S CLUB HOODIE here and there, to the apparent astonishment of British tabloids.





Trail Blazers forward Jared Jeffries’s GO-TO KARAOKE SONGS (from his reportedly avid visits to local karaoke bars) include “Don’t Stop Believin’” (Journey), “The Dance” (Garth Brooks), and “Regulate” (Warren G., featuring Nate Dogg).




A recent incident in which a man with a sword, a shield, and a wolf-hybrid dog confronted firefighters suggests that Portland first responders may need to consult Game of Thrones as a training manual.





Image: Thomas Cobb

The great citywide baby elephant custody crisis of 2012 inspired one of our designers to craft this banner for Portland’s pachyderm partisans, based on Texas’s historical “Gonzales flag.”