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Thumbnail for - Hot Water in Sunriver
Dec 18, 2012
How a businessman at Oregon's premier resort fell afoul of the powers that be.
Thumbnail for - The Shell Shock: Saving Oregon’s Hazelnuts
Dec 14, 2012
Oregon’s hazelnut farmers have been waging a slow war against a deadly blight for two decades. Now science has saved the trees, but can the industry save the orchards?
Thumbnail for - How a Portland Workshop Carves Massive Sculptures
Dec 14, 2012
3-D scanners and robot carvers make little objects huge.
Thumbnail for - Slide Show: Additive Workshop's Megasculpture
Dec 14, 2012
How an Oregon workshop turns small statues into massive monuments
Thumbnail for - The Making of a Therapy Llama
Dec 14, 2012
A look at how two big camelids learned to help humans.
Thumbnail for - Slide Show: Portland's Therapy Llamas—and The Hats They Wear
Dec 14, 2012
Rojo, Smokey, and other llamas and alpacas visit metro-area clinics, hospitals, and schools. Often, they wear costumes.
Thumbnail for - What Do Lady Gaga & 'Book of Mormon' Have in Common?
Dec 12, 2012
A side-by-side guide to the Broadway hit and the pop megastar
Thumbnail for - Insider Secrets of a Dog-Show Champion
Dec 12, 2012
Portland's top competitive Pekingese prepares for victory.
Thumbnail for - Portland Restaurants' Awesome Sauces
Dec 12, 2012
Four of the best custom sauces in Portland, from mild to hot
Thumbnail for - One Sentence Stories: January 2013
Dec 12, 2012
Micro-stories about racists, high schoolers making wine, and stink bugs
Listing 341 - 350 of 629 Results