Justin "Scrappers" Morrison, 30, SE, writer & activist


beards- justin morrison

Justin ‘Scrappers’ Morrison, 30, SE, writer & activist

“A beard is many things for me.

“A beard is a bullshit filter. It keeps me from working at lame places and ?interacting with lame people.

“A beard is a reminder that I am wild, that my roots are from the wilderness.

“A beard is a scarf that works great while bike riding in this climate—it’s better than wool!

“A beard is a confident vote for manliness.

“A beard is a friend who is always there to give you a hug.

“A beard honors all the loggers who lost limbs and died harvesting the timber that built our great city—these buildings are made of old-growth Douglas fir and gravel dust from Mount Hood.

“A beard helps solidify the cultural significance of the Pacific Northwest ?and the rugged people who live here.”

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