WE ALL HAVE DINING PREFERENCES AND QUIRKS For instance, I believe beef should be cooked medium rare or it shouldn’t be cooked at all. And I rarely eat eggplant because it hurts my tongue. Just as each diner has a distinct culinary personality, each restaurant exhibits its own identity. With so many elements in play, however,it can be difficult to choose the one restaurant that will really work for you (and your dining companions, and your myriad moods and cravings and desires). So this year, we’ve taken our 10 favorite restaurants and broken them down by the quintessential measures of any great place to eat: food, chef, service, and atmosphere. The result, we hope, is a kind of deconstructed guide to dining at Portland’s top eateries, one that will give you all the information you need to choose the right restaurant with the right people on the right night.