h2. NAME: Christa Kepshire

AGE: 31


HEIGHT: 5’11”


HOW SHE GOT HER START: At 19, Kepshire and her identical twin, Laura, had already piqued the interest of several New York agents (who’d seen the girls at a Seattle casting call the year before) when a scout introduced himself at a local Sears. “We’d been waiting for the right moment,” says Kepshire. “So when we got the call that said, ‘They want you both in New York—now,’ we were ready.”

BIG BREAK: A national print campaign for Target.

BEST THING ABOUT THE JOB: She was happy to be going places—literally. “I loved the travel. It’s hard to top an Evian shoot in Switzerland,” says Kepshire, who’s now a physical therapist and models part-time.

THE PART THAT BITES: There’s no getting around it: Superficial beauty is the gist of the business, something Kepshire doesn’t miss at all. “Models are judged entirely on how they look, so the highs are really high and the lows are really low.”

IT IS A REAL JOB, DUDE: The downside to working with someone who looks just like you? A lifetime of Doublemint jobs. “Laura and I learned quickly that we’d be typecast for ‘twin work’ if we didn’t split up. So I went to Paris and she went to Milan,” says Kepshire, whose sister still models internationally.

‘MODELS ARE DIFFERENT FROM YOU AND ME’ QUOTE: “Clubs in New York would send a limo to the models’ apartment every night to pick us all up. It helped to have my sister there, if only so we could say to each other, ‘We really shouldn’t be here.’ It kept us grounded.”