h2. NAME: David Hughlett

AGE: 21


HEIGHT: 6’1”


HOW HE GOT HIS START: Hughlett’s mother convinced him to attend a casting call at Mode Models when he was 15. The CEO of the company, visiting from Calgary, Alberta, saw Hughlett and signed him as soon as he turned 16. Then just a sophomore at Sam Barlow High School, he did local work for the likes of Nike and Mario’s until he graduated and then modeled in Japan, where his dreamy blues proved an exotic plus.

BIG BREAK: When he was 18, Energie jeans booked Hughlett for an international advertising campaign shot in Rome.

BEST THING ABOUT THE JOB: This one’s a toss-up. He says the traveling is great, but there’s also something to be said for having an extra edge with the ladies. “I don’t advertise what I do, but I’ll bust it out if I have to,” he says with mock gravity.

THE PART THAT BITES: Apparently female models aren’t the only ones who need to keep their guard up. “There are plenty of people who want to take advantage of you,” says Hughlett of the equal-opportunity threat. “You just have to be careful.”

IT IS A REAL JOB, DUDE: His sub-30-inch waist makes Hughlett popular with European designers such as Hugo Boss, for whom he does runway shows (“It’s fun—you just walk like a badass”), but Hughlett’s New York clients still prefer him with more meat on his bones.

‘MODELS ARE DIFFERENT FROM YOU AND ME’ QUOTE: “Partying is one of the best things about modeling,” he says. “Who cares about the next day? That’s what makeup and coffee are for.”