Portland Cello Project warms up for a show in Eugene with an Italian plumber

Portland Cello Project

Just as Fred Cole has spent much of his musical career jumping between rock, country, garage, and punk, the Portland Cello Project’s repertoire showcases everything from Bach to the Dandy Warhols, Dave Brubeck, and Metallica. “Deep down, regardless of genre, you know what’s good and what’s not,” PCP mastermind Douglas Jenkins says. “If you keep working toward what inspires you, then you’re going to be outside of those boundaries.” Sometimes way outside. “Yeah,” he sighs, “people still yell for us to play Britney Spears’s ‘Toxic’ the most.” —Laura Klairmont


Richmond Fontaine’s newest single, "You Can Move Back Here

Richmond Fontaine

Willy Vlautin’s literary muse is fed by his lauded novels, such as The Motel Life and Northline. But when she demands something more visceral, he can always turn to his band, Richmond Fontaine, an act that (like most of Fred Cole’s work) remains more appreciated in Europe than it is here at home. Vlautin looks on the bright side: “Their truck stops have better food, and you can’t go wrong with European beer.” When life on the road gets tough, he looks directly to Cole. “For years, whenever I got disillusioned by music, I’d go see Dead Moon,” Vlautin says. “It made me fall in love with being in a band again. I usually left drunk, with some record I already had. And I didn’t think I was wasting my life playing bars anymore.” —BB