Nancy Rommelmann

Journalist and author, Portland

The Good Home Cookbook
edited by Richard J. Perry (Collectors Press, 2006)
Think of an American dish, any dish—the recipe is here, and every single one works! This is my everyday go-to book, and by a Portland foodie to boot.

Greene on Greens
by Bert Greene (Workman Publishing, 1984)
An encyclopedic standby I will never live without, for Greene’s incredible warmth and erudition, sense of history and play, and oh, those cold curried yams!

Ivy Manning

Author and journalist, Portland

Seductions of Rice
by Jeffrey Alford and Naomi Duguid (Artisan, 1998)
This intrepid couple’s smart, efficient recipes give you a glimpse at the authentic flavors of some of the world’s most storied cuisines: smoky red-pepper chicken from the Sichuann province of China, grilled red snapper salad with basil from Thailand, futo-maki from Japan, cardamom and rose-water rice pudding from Persia. It’s the world on a plate, authentic without being fussy.

Diane Morgan

Cookbook author and food-writing teacher, Portland

The Oxford Companion to Food
by Alan Davidson (Oxford University Press, 1999)
I have to twist the notion of an indispensable cookbook since I write cookbooks. As a writer (and a cook), my recommendations are reference books I use when I really need to study and be informed.

Chris Israel

Chef, Grüner, Portland

An Excuse to be Together
by Robert Reynolds (Robert Reynolds, 2006)
Part memoir, part cookbook, this pocket-size volume is personal, simple, direct, and inspiring.

World of Food
by Paula Wolfert (Harper and Row, 1988)
A collection of amazing recipes by my favorite cookbook author.

Ken Rubin

Culinary director, Art Institute of Portland, Portland

The Essential Cuisines of Mexico
by Diana Kennedy (Clarkson Potter, 2009)
Kennedy offers a deep sense of the underlying forces that drive indigenous culinary aesthetics with recipes that can be adapted to the American kitchen.

by James Peterson (Wiley, 2008)
Encyclopedic and impeccably researched, this comprehensive volume takes single-subject cookbooks to a level that inspires and invigorates cooks at all levels.