9. Maegley House

John Virginius Bennes, 1914 // SW Kingston Avenue


THROUGH THE PRAIRIE STYLE makes frequent appearances in turn-of-the-21st-century McMansion developments, when Louis Sullivan and Frank Lloyd Wright first turned it into a Midwest movement it made only scattered appearances in the Northwest. But a wonderfully distinct example can be found on the edge of Washington Park in this house designed by the Chicago native John Virginius Bennes. To the Prairie-style hallmarks of low-hipped roof and long, hovering eaves, Bennes elegantly integrated an eclectic array of surprises, from the eye-catching, second-story bay windows to the festive, molded stucco reliefs and Mediterranean tile roof. The interior is no less dynamic, with all the major public rooms connecting to each other and to outdoor terraces, with plentiful views over Washington Park and the city. Bennes also designed such local landmarks as the Hollywood Theatre and more than 30 buildings for Oregon State University’s campus, but the Maegley House stands as his true masterpiece. (Private)