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Thumbnail for - Plants from Far Reaches
Aug 16, 2012
gardening school
August just might be the quietest month of summer for the garden – the most consuming task is watering. Once that’s taken care of, get ready for some fun! There are great classes on offer all...
Thumbnail for - Tour de Hives and Bee-Friendly Gardens
Aug 14, 2012
This Saturday August 18 is National Bee Day. Portland is celebrating with a tour of honeybee hives that day, as well as an ongoing, self-guided tour of pollinator-friendly gardens. Bees and...
Thumbnail for - Crucial Summer Tips to Help Young Trees
Aug 13, 2012
get dirty
 Trees serve many important functions on the planet. And of course we love trees and want them to thrive. But knowing how to properly select, plant, care for and prune them is not always...
Thumbnail for - Fern Fiesta
Aug 10, 2012
things to do
 It’s not too late to jump in the car Saturday or Sunday morning and head to Gold Bar, Washington for the famous Fronderosa Frolic at Fancy Fronds, undoubtedly the most incredible fern nursery...
Thumbnail for - Zoo Doo!
Aug 7, 2012
free stuff
Newsflash! Free Zoo Doo is back! The Oregon Zoo is once again offering Zoo Doo to the public. Zoo Doo is produced from herbivore manure and bedding (much of it courtesy of the Zoo’s "prolific...
Thumbnail for - Plant Fall Vegetables!
Aug 7, 2012
get dirty
Between harvesting a bounty of hot-weather veggies and summer vacations, it’s hard to focus on planning fall and winter crops. But now is the time to do it. Don’t worry if you missed the...
Thumbnail for - Berkheya purpurea: a thistle gone good
Jul 30, 2012
plant pick of the week
Thistles have a terrible reputation. Not only are most of them seriously, painfully prickly, but they are often invasive, too. But not all thistles are bad. Take Berkheya purpurea, the South...
Thumbnail for - Dance with the Plants!
Jul 27, 2012
weekend events
This Saturday, head out to Monmouth for Dancing Oaks Nursery’s Summer Garden Festival. It’s a festive garden party with music, food, art for sale and of course, plants! There will be home-made...
Thumbnail for - Exploring Vancouver, BC’s Luscious Botanical Gardens
Jul 25, 2012
horticultural travels
Planning a trip to Vancouver, BC any time soon? Vancouver a great city to visit, for food, culture, art, and music – and for the fantastic botanical gardens. For a gardener or plant-lover, a trip...
Thumbnail for - Cracked Pots Art Show
Jul 22, 2012
upcoming events
For over a decade, Cracked Pots has been providing a venue for artists who make beautiful things, from cast-off junk and recyclables. (The rule is, artwork must be produced from at least 80%...
Listing 31 - 40 of 357 Results