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Thumbnail for - Plantwise: February Foresight
Jan 25, 2013
Tips to keep up with the winter gardening load
Thumbnail for - Brighten Your Winter Garden with (Oddly Enough!) Blueberries
Jan 18, 2013
PLANTWISE: edibles
It's cold outside, but it's the perfect time to head out to your favorite local nursery and buy blueberry plants!
Thumbnail for - Spring Fever!
Jan 13, 2013
Preview the 2013 gardening season at Portland's Yard, Garden & Patio Show.
Thumbnail for - Five Surefire Winter Interest Plants for Portland Gardeners
Jan 3, 2013
PLANTWISE: Garden Design
Plant these winning, winter-structure plants to keep your garden looking spiffy from November to March.
Thumbnail for - January Plantwise: Keep Your Yard in Shape
Dec 20, 2012
Your to-do list for winter garden maintenance
Thumbnail for - Plan Your Winter Garden
Dec 3, 2012
Tips for creating a garden you'll want to admire all winter
Thumbnail for - December Plantwise: To-Do This Month
Nov 21, 2012
Leaves to rake and books to read for December gardening
Thumbnail for - Mud Sweat and Cheer Holiday Show
Nov 19, 2012
locally designed and made ceramic planters for sale at seasonal art show
Thumbnail for - Great Deals on Daffodils and Tulips!
Nov 18, 2012
Bulbs are on sale at your local garden shops and at on-line bulb sellers. Take advantage of great prices while they last
Thumbnail for - Quick Fall Garden Projects for Sunbreaks
Nov 5, 2012
get growing
Fall projects to get you out in the garden during the remaining sunny spells of fall
Listing 71 - 80 of 104 Results