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Thumbnail for - DIY Braided Headband
Jun 12, 2012
Look For Less
Let’s be honest, headbands are not a pricey purchase, but making something you are proud enough to wear is infinitely more fun. Not only will you feel pride getting your Martha Stewart on, but...
Thumbnail for - DIY Neon Sandals
May 17, 2012
Look For Less
Bright, bold colors in saturated tones and neon galore is one of this year’s biggest trends. For those not wanting to commit serious dollars to what could be a short lived trend that doesn’t...
Thumbnail for - DIY Breakfast in Bed for Mom
May 9, 2012
This Mothers’ Day, get a little creative with your breakfast in bed! Whether Mom is in Portland or across the country, we’ve got some culinary picks to serve or ship that are sure to show your...
Thumbnail for - DIY Your Shoes to Textured Magic
Mar 20, 2012
Look for Less
Got some old winter wedges lying around that are desperately screaming for a spring makeover? While normally we wouldn’t suggest throwing a doily on anything to fashion it up, this video from the...
Thumbnail for - Terrariums!
Jan 20, 2012
So you like the idea of gardening but you want to start out small. Try a terrarium! We've got a video to help you get started.
Thumbnail for - Slide Show: DIY Your Way to Gold Bangles
Dec 8, 2011
Holiday party action is in full swing and the pressure is on to look glittery and fancy. That means it’s time to get creative in the fashion department and never, ever snub your nose at a stylish...
Thumbnail for - DIY Five
Oct 14, 2011
Joel Henriques’s fantastic finger puppets are coming for YOU!
Thumbnail for - Roasting Coffee Beans At Home
May 10, 2011
Years ago, I’d stand at the window of Graffeo Coffee and sniff the burnt toast aroma, while peering inside at the enormous ancient roaster. Transforming those chalky green beans from faraway...
Thumbnail for - Tune In: Destination DIY
Mar 3, 2011
tune in: radio
Well, it’s a small world here in Portland arts—small enough that occasionally, a press release comes across my “writer” desk, promoting some project that I’ve actually contributed to in my...
Thumbnail for - Summer Blaze
May 27, 2010
Portland Spaces: Handbook
A basic how-to guide to home firepits.
Listing 21 - 30 of 30 Results