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Thumbnail for - Gifts for Gardeners, Part I (east side)
Nov 30, 2010
gifts for gardeners
This year, challenge yourself to give the most local holidays gifts you can manage to your Portland friends and family. That’s pretty easy when it comes to gifts for gardeners. Nearly anything...
Thumbnail for - Sugar Snaps & Strawberries: Simple Solutions for Creating Your Own Small-Space Edible Garden
Nov 29, 2010
book review
If you’re looking for a stylish yet substantial introduction to growing edibles in small spaces, you’re in luck: the perfect book has arrived. Sugar Snaps & Strawberries would make a...
Thumbnail for - Right on Schedule, Winter Weather’s Here
Nov 22, 2010
things to do
It is not common for sub-freezing temperatures to hit the Portland Metro area quite so early in the season. Here are some things you can do to help ease any newly-planted or tender plants...
Thumbnail for - Reflections on Narcissus
Nov 19, 2010
tips and tricks
Paperwhite narcissus (Narcissus tazetta) are lovely bulbs to "force" for the holidays – they have clusters of intensely fragrant, charming white flowers and, since they don’t require cold...
Thumbnail for - iPhone App for Portland’s Heritage Trees
Nov 17, 2010
good stuff
One of my fellow Portland Monthly Magazine bloggers just cleverly posted about a new, free iPhone app showing the location and details on all of Portland’s Heritage Trees. If you don’t have an...
Thumbnail for - Crafty Wonderland
Nov 17, 2010
phile under: browse to buy
Looking for gifty, kitschy, novel, local, freaky, fancy, one-of-a-kind works of art to stuff your holiday sleigh? At Crafty Wonderland, handmade hipster splendors abound. Let co-founders Cathy and...
Thumbnail for - See? It works!
Nov 16, 2010
notes to self
’Member a couple of weeks ago when I wrote about ripening unripe, green tomatoes in your basement ? Admittedly, it wasn’t the most stellar year for it – I had to toss half my stash due to mold...
Thumbnail for - Trees of Hoyt Arboretum
Nov 12, 2010
The Lone Fir Cemetery tour I wrote about this morning focuses on Portland history (but takes you on a walk through gorgeous trees in their fall finery); the Hoyt Arboretum tour focuses on the...
Thumbnail for - Autumnal Arrangement Class
Nov 9, 2010
What with my recent terrarium book collaboration with Amy Bryant-Aiello , I’m becoming a bit of a nut for combing the ground for beautiful things to add to terrariums, wreaths, and vases, not to...
Thumbnail for - Manzanitas and Birds
Nov 5, 2010
weekend (and beyond) picks
Two interesting talks coming up for gardeners with an interest in sexy yet drought tolerant plants (manzanitas, to be specific) and birds… both should be worthy! First, the plants: What: Talk...
Listing 831 - 840 of 935 Results