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Thumbnail for - Energy Wise Landscape Design
Jan 3, 2011
book review
At the turn of the new year, many of us pause to think about what we can do to bring about positive change in our own lives and the world in general. If you’re a gardener or are considering...
Thumbnail for - Free Days at the Lan Su Chinese Garden
Dec 30, 2010
things to do
Eight Free Days at Lan Su Chinese Garden – from January 2nd to January 9th, 2011. To kick off a new year full of events, Lan Su Chinese Garden is offering free admission from January 2nd to 9th...
Thumbnail for - Learn to Prune Like a Pro
Dec 27, 2010
things to do
Here’s a great class! Pruning is such a crucial skill and one that – in my humble opinion – is far too easy to botch. Knowing how to do it properly gives you great confidence with your own trees,...
Thumbnail for - Find Calm at the Portland Japanese Garden
Dec 22, 2010
places to go
Are you overwhelmed by the holidays? Crowded by relatives or desperate for a meditative hour or two away from crowded shops? I recommend an immediate trip to the Japanese Garden. I spent a...
Thumbnail for - The World’s Most Unusual Christmas Tree: The Wollemi Pine
Dec 21, 2010
rare and unusual plants
It’s rare these days to discover a completely new genus of tree. Mosses or fungi, sure – but it takes a pretty remote area to hide a population of towering trees. This is why the 1994 discovery...
Thumbnail for - Terrarium Craft
Dec 17, 2010
book update
What a thrill! – the book I worked on this past summer and fall with Artemisia’s Amy Aiello-Bryant (terrarium-maker) and Kate Baldwin (photographer) now officially has a title and its own lovely...
Thumbnail for - Great Plants for Winter Pizzazz
Dec 14, 2010
favorite plants
When I say, "great plants," I mean "great plants in my garden… right now." There are countless best and most wonderful winter-interest plants listed in gardening books, magazines and on line. I...
Thumbnail for - Gifts for Gardeners, Part II (west side)
Dec 10, 2010
gifts for gardeners
My first post on shopping local (Part I) listed Portland’s east-side garden and plant boutiques – here are west-side garden shops brimming with gifts worthy of any plant lover. All of these...
Thumbnail for - Wanted: One Organically-Grown Christmas Tree
Dec 9, 2010
good stuff
If you’re seeking a cut tree, there’s some great information on handling and maintaining the freshness of your tree in this article I wrote last winter. It also addresses how to deal with cut...
Thumbnail for - Amazing Discount on Gardening Books
Dec 8, 2010
books on sale
I got an email from social media coordinator Chani West-Foyle at Timber Press this morning. Timber is publishing my terrarium book collaboration with Amy Bryant-Aiello of Artemisia. Apparently,...
Listing 821 - 830 of 936 Results