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Thumbnail for - Free Days at the Lan Su Chinese Garden
Dec 30, 2010
things to do
Eight Free Days at Lan Su Chinese Garden – from January 2nd to January 9th, 2011. To kick off a new year full of events, Lan Su Chinese Garden is offering free admission from January 2nd to 9th...
Thumbnail for - Learn to Prune Like a Pro
Dec 27, 2010
things to do
Here’s a great class! Pruning is such a crucial skill and one that – in my humble opinion – is far too easy to botch. Knowing how to do it properly gives you great confidence with your own trees,...
Thumbnail for - Find Calm at the Portland Japanese Garden
Dec 22, 2010
places to go
Are you overwhelmed by the holidays? Crowded by relatives or desperate for a meditative hour or two away from crowded shops? I recommend an immediate trip to the Japanese Garden. I spent a...
Thumbnail for - The World’s Most Unusual Christmas Tree: The Wollemi Pine
Dec 21, 2010
rare and unusual plants
It’s rare these days to discover a completely new genus of tree. Mosses or fungi, sure – but it takes a pretty remote area to hide a population of towering trees. This is why the 1994 discovery...
Thumbnail for - Terrarium Craft
Dec 17, 2010
book update
What a thrill! – the book I worked on this past summer and fall with Artemisia’s Amy Aiello-Bryant (terrarium-maker) and Kate Baldwin (photographer) now officially has a title and its own lovely...
Thumbnail for - Great Plants for Winter Pizzazz
Dec 14, 2010
favorite plants
When I say, "great plants," I mean "great plants in my garden… right now." There are countless best and most wonderful winter-interest plants listed in gardening books, magazines and on line. I...
Thumbnail for - Gifts for Gardeners, Part II (west side)
Dec 10, 2010
gifts for gardeners
My first post on shopping local (Part I) listed Portland’s east-side garden and plant boutiques – here are west-side garden shops brimming with gifts worthy of any plant lover. All of these...
Thumbnail for - Wanted: One Organically-Grown Christmas Tree
Dec 9, 2010
good stuff
If you’re seeking a cut tree, there’s some great information on handling and maintaining the freshness of your tree in this article I wrote last winter. It also addresses how to deal with cut...
Thumbnail for - Amazing Discount on Gardening Books
Dec 8, 2010
books on sale
I got an email from social media coordinator Chani West-Foyle at Timber Press this morning. Timber is publishing my terrarium book collaboration with Amy Bryant-Aiello of Artemisia. Apparently,...
Thumbnail for - Q&A with author Andrea Bellamy
Dec 7, 2010
I really enjoyed Andrea Bellamy’s book, Sugar Snaps and Strawberries on growing edibles and, quite frankly, after reviewing her book , I wanted to meet her. (Of course, by "meet," I mean...
Listing 821 - 830 of 935 Results