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Thumbnail for - Planting Trees by Bike
Feb 4, 2011
weekend events
Thank you, Friends of Trees, for another great idea. Friends of Trees’ neighborhood tree-planting volunteers can now pedal and plant, thus keeping warm and helping to improve our urban...
Thumbnail for - Spring Garden Book Soiree & Hellebore Open House
Feb 4, 2011
things to do this weekend
While I’m not quite ready to stick my shovel in the sodden ground, I’m definitely hot to trot when it comes to gathering inspiration and – well, okay – buying plants. Especially hellebores. In...
Thumbnail for - Eat Your Vegetables!
Feb 3, 2011
plants & politics
I love this time of the year – the seed catalogs are out, on line and on paper, and it’s time to compare tomato varieties, consider how many squash you can fit in, and try a new variety or two...
Thumbnail for - Sweet box
Jan 31, 2011
plant of the week
Gosh, I’m predicable: I enthuse about sweet box (Sarcococca sp.) every January and February. Also known as Christmas box and Himalayan box, these demure shrubs possess the sweetest scent around...
Thumbnail for - Desert Garden Succulents of San Diego’s Balboa Park
Jan 27, 2011
the traveling gardener
There’s a place for practical information and there’s a place for pure, unadulterated admiration, whether you can use it in your own garden or not. I photographed these handsome succulents...
Thumbnail for - Tooling Around
Jan 21, 2011
get dirty
As I mentioned in my Dig column, it’s important to clean your tools at least once a year, not only because your tools will last longer but also because they will be more pleasurable to use. Who...
Thumbnail for - Bromeliad Heaven!
Jan 19, 2011
the traveling gardener
One of the most amazing things about searching out plants in the wild is that crazy feeling you get when you spot some familiar garden or house plant growing in its native habitat and you say to...
Thumbnail for - Clean Up That Garden
Jan 17, 2011
get dirty
Recently, accomplished gardener friends on Facebook have been proudly announcing that they have completed their late winter garden clean-up. I usually wait til the first week of February to cut...
Thumbnail for - Nature Night at the Audubon Society
Jan 10, 2011
things to do
So many free gardening-related events in Portland year-round – how lucky we are! Here’s yet another wonderful free offering, providing information on cultivating biodiversity in Portland’s own...
Thumbnail for - Energy Wise Landscape Design
Jan 3, 2011
book review
At the turn of the new year, many of us pause to think about what we can do to bring about positive change in our own lives and the world in general. If you’re a gardener or are considering...
Listing 811 - 820 of 935 Results