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Thumbnail for - Dancing Oaks Summer Garden Festival
Jul 29, 2011
things to do
Monmouth specialty nursery Dancing Oaks Nursery is holding their annual Summer Garden Festival as a benefit for their local area charter schools. The extensive hillside garden is open for...
Thumbnail for - "Salvage Secrets" Q & A at Rejuvenation
Jul 28, 2011
Out and About
Even in recycling-friendly Portland, where the mayor has been known to model in the Junk to Funk fashion show, we could probably all stand to learn more about beautiful and creative ways to turn...
Thumbnail for - A More Than Nice Salad
Jul 27, 2011
Market Watch
Green beans this time of year are so beautiful, they beg to become part of a Salade Nicoise. The French-named salad – pronounced “nee-swahz” – comes from the Mediterranean coastal city of Nice –...
Thumbnail for - Somewhere Over the Rainbow(ls)
Jul 26, 2011
Under $10
Rushing through Zupan’s fruit and vegetable section recently, I had to stop. Abruptly. Not because of a particularly fetching tomato, or because I’d run into an old friend. No, it was the stacks...
Thumbnail for - All Hail the Ancient Art of Mosaic
Jul 22, 2011
The shop is small but so intriguing, it’s hard to pass by without going inside. Sparkling glass-, mirror- and tile-covered bottles and jars line the old wooden window sill of the storefront. A...
Thumbnail for - Make Babies! (Plants, That Is…)
Jul 22, 2011
get dirty
Want to make babies? No, this isn’t a proposition: this is an invitation to propagate plants using nothing fancier than a knife and a jar of water. Oh, and a plant, of course! There are rafts...
Thumbnail for - Scape from Planet Garlic
Jul 21, 2011
Market Watch
What are those long curly green rope things doing at the farmers’ market? Or rather, what the heck are they? They’re not ropes but scapes – and they seem to have more aliases than a secret agent....
Thumbnail for - Buy Spring Bulbs Now
Jul 21, 2011
Why wait until fall to buy your spring bulbs? The catalogs for fall are now available, and ordering them early – like, now – means you get better selection. You also can order smarter, because...
Thumbnail for - Belluschi and More Historic Homes Tour
Jul 20, 2011
Out and About
Saturday July 30, the Architectural Heritage Center (AHC) has the keys to five of Portland’s finest historic homes – and they’re inviting us in. The doors will be open to what was Belluschi’s...
Thumbnail for - Back to the Typewriter
Jul 19, 2011
Even while there is an endless string of new gadgets to covet (you do have an I-Pad by now, right?), the old time typing machine is not quite ready to retire. It keeps popping up at Portland...
Listing 651 - 660 of 935 Results