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Jan 8, 2012
The recent coincidence (or perhaps it’s a cosmic convergence) of the new year and the start of the NBA season (finally, after the long lock-out) has left me with a new dream for the new year: my...
Thumbnail for - Schoolhouse Rocks
Jan 8, 2012
Schoolhouse Electric & Supply Co., age not yet ten, has graduated: from its old, bright yellow storefront in the Central Eastside to big new digs in the Northwest Industrial district. And...
Thumbnail for - Six Fabulous Winter Flowering Plants
Jan 5, 2012
plant this!
Whether you’re a devotee of rainy PNW winters or you just endure the gray skies while waiting for our all-too-brief, annual glut of summer sunshine, your garden will be enhanced with the...
Thumbnail for - Home At the Top of the 1%
Jan 3, 2012
George Washington Vanderbilt never worried about downsizing. He hired famous architect Richard Morris Hunt to design a home for him in the western North Carolina mountains, near Asheville. What...
Thumbnail for - Welcome to 2012
Jan 2, 2012
The Year of Tangering Tango
In case you haven’t already heard, Tangerine Tango has been named color of the year by The Pantone Color Institute, the company that selects and disseminates color standards in the design,...
Thumbnail for - Weirdness Carolina Style
Jan 2, 2012
Road Trip
Here in Portland, we pride ourselves in being weird, but of course we don’t have a patent on that precious, perfect weirdness. Most of us know that Austin is weird, but have you heard about...
Thumbnail for - Jefferson’s Living Laboratory
Jan 1, 2012
Master Class
It’s commonly agreed that a house expresses its resident’s values and personality. Walk into a person’s home, and you’ll immediately know a lot about them; no need to open a single drawer or ask...
Thumbnail for - Classic Coke, Classic Cake
Dec 31, 2011
Market Watch
In the world of baked desserts, there is a special category of scrumptious delights made by simply throwing together things you always have on hand. Pound cake is one of these (pound of butter,...
Thumbnail for - Board Games for the Not Bored
Dec 27, 2011
It’s been somehow reassuring this holiday season to discover that not all the classic old board games have been completely converted to digital zeroes and ones. In fact, flat old boxes filled...
Thumbnail for - Grains – and slabs – of salt
Dec 26, 2011
Salt of the earth. Take it with a grain of salt. Salt is, in our language as well as our daily culinary intake, the ultimate basic. Indeed, it’s even a basic ingredient in our bodies – we all...
Listing 521 - 530 of 935 Results