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Thumbnail for - Magic Mustard
Feb 13, 2012
Market Watch
With local restaurants regularly crafting their own ketchups and hot sauces, the condiment craze is clearly upon us. Mustards must be next, right? Mustard mania means specialty mustard...
Thumbnail for - Window Warmers
Feb 12, 2012
Much of the charm and beauty of an old house comes from its original windows; they are key to the home’s character, whether it’s a craftsman style bungalow or a mid-century ranch. But we often...
Thumbnail for - The Print-it-then-Sit-in-it-Chair
Feb 11, 2012
Somewhere in a country far far away (Holland, actually), in a time not so very long ago (2010), a young design student made a robot which made a chair which was made of melted recycled...
Thumbnail for - Text and the Art of Decorating
Feb 7, 2012
Time was when words were spoken aloud or written in letters or books; they weren’t art on a wall. When did text become visual art? I’ll save my theories for another day (are Egyptian hieroglyphs...
Thumbnail for - Pomegranates, Winter’s Red Jewels
Feb 6, 2012
Market Watch
Pomegranates are one of those winter fruits that, like citrus, provides juicy, bright-colored and -flavored contrast to the hearty, comforting root vegetables we depend on this time of year. Not...
Thumbnail for - Realistic Remodeling Dreams
Feb 6, 2012
Usually, home design exhibitions featuring row upon row of vendors hanging out their shingles in a giant expo or convention center are not the ultimate in avant garde or high design. They are,...
Thumbnail for - A Tree Story
Feb 5, 2012
Out and About
The story of trees in Portland has certainly improved since the town was nicknamed “Stumptown” in the 19th century. Now, Portlanders plant trees more often than cut them down. (In fact, if you...
Thumbnail for - Garden Show Season Is Here!
Feb 1, 2012
We’re just a week away from garden show season in the Pacific Northwest. Fellow gardeners, that means spring is near! Both the Seattle and the Portland show have been getting better every year....
Thumbnail for - Kumquats, the Natural Sweet Tarts
Jan 31, 2012
In the Kitchen Garden
The fruit bins at the grocery stores are filled with citrus this time of year, bringing to mind sunny days and warmer climes south of us. But citrus can be grown here in Portland, too, just not...
Thumbnail for - Super Bowl of Chowders
Jan 30, 2012
Market Watch
Everyone knows that a proper celebration of Super Bowl Sunday can’t focus on football alone. An ample – maybe even outrageous – amount of food is imperative. Usually it’s a spread of American bar...
Listing 491 - 500 of 935 Results