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Thumbnail for - New Seeds, Old Seeds
Mar 9, 2012
get dirty
Sometimes I get in a rut, just planting vegetables that I know will do well and produce plenty of food. It’s hard to risk planting a lot of new things when space is so limited. (I’m working with...
Thumbnail for - The Joys of Flowering Quince
Mar 7, 2012
plant of the week
Flowering quince (Chaenomeles speciosa) is an old-fashioned shrub in the rose family that is sometimes found around older homes in the Pacific Northwest. Sadly, it is sometimes seen hacked into...
Thumbnail for - Tailor-Made Interiors
Mar 6, 2012
To Read
Architect and designer Campion Platt was in town from New York the other weekend, signing his book Made to Order- (Monacelli Press) and sharing his work with an audience of interested...
Thumbnail for - Get Ready for Spring!
Mar 6, 2012
plant sale
KXL Plant Nerd NightWHAT: This is a giant fiesta of horticultural fun, with six great local plant specialty nurseries talking about, raffling off and selling their latest, greatest and grooviest...
Thumbnail for - Need a Hand in the Kitchen?
Mar 5, 2012
$10 and Under
Admit it: cooking can be a drag. Sometimes you need a little extra incentive, some encouragement to get yourself to go into the kitchen and come up with something other than cold cereal or frozen...
Thumbnail for - How Farro We’ve Come
Mar 5, 2012
Market Watch
When we sing of “amber waves of grain,” it’s probably not farro that most of us Americans have in mind. But maybe someday. Farro is commonly grown on the hills of Tuscany, and who wouldn’t admit...
Thumbnail for - Beauty and the Bike Rack
Mar 4, 2012
Chris Brigham was a Fine Arts college graduate gainfully employed as a graphic designer in San Francisco. But he found himself wanting to do more with his hands, to make something more tangible,...
Thumbnail for - Where Do New Plants Come From?
Mar 2, 2012
New plants show up on nursery benches every year – longer-flowering supertunias, echinaceas with red, orange and double flowers instead of plain-Jane purple, more compact shrubs and butterfly...
Thumbnail for - Civic-minded Tote Bags
Feb 28, 2012
Tote bags are the new tee-shirts: the small-“d” democratic sign of allegiance to one cause or another. We use tote bags more than ever now that paper and plastic are both no-no’s at the grocery...
Thumbnail for - Got Eggs? Got Dinner!
Feb 28, 2012
Market Watch
Eggs, like pancakes, are one of those food items that calls out “breakfast” to most of us. But if we serve them after sundown, they represent a sort of lazy, delicious decadence: breakfast for...
Listing 471 - 480 of 935 Results