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Thumbnail for - Boys’ Fort Makes a Home in Kenton
May 6, 2012
The boys have set up a fort, have they? So what else is new? Well, this time the fort is not a typical blankets-and-boxes contraption that elementary schoolers might construct. Though the “boys”...
Thumbnail for - Of Mad Men and City Plans
May 5, 2012
Around Town
Watching the TV show Mad Men is a pleasure if only for the eye candy it provides; it’s hard for many of us not to covet some of the mid-century modern furniture, fixtures and clothing that the...
Thumbnail for - Clackamas County Spring Garden Fair
May 1, 2012
plant sale
The last major plant sale of the year is coming up this weekend – the 28th annual Clackamas County Master Gardener’s Spring Garden Fair. It’s a huge event, with 202 vendors and a slate of...
Thumbnail for - Plate up the Fiddleheads
May 1, 2012
Market Watch
At our local bistro the other night, part of the mélange of fresh vegetables accompanying the delicious pork chop was a handful of fiddlehead ferns. Lightly cooked in olive oil, their bright...
Thumbnail for - Modern Elegance, Modest Restraint
Apr 30, 2012
Amidst the funkiness of Portland’s North Mississippi neighborhood, across from the gravel lot with the Waffle cart (and its picnic tables and chain link fence), down the street from the...
Thumbnail for - Sweetly-Scented Stock
Apr 30, 2012
plant of the week
If your grandma had any influence over you at all, you’d be familiar with the plant commonly known as stock. It’s a marvelously old-fashioned plant, beloved to cottage gardeners and still grown...
Thumbnail for - For Gnome Addicts
Apr 29, 2012
If you’ve wandered along NE Alberta in recent years, you may have mosied into the cute little garden and home furnishing store, Digs Inside & Out – and noticed a rather healthy population of...
Thumbnail for - Mommy’s Little Knucklehead
Apr 28, 2012
Gift Giving
What do you give Mumsie for Mother’s Day, besides the usual breakfast in bed, brunch out on the town, or a bouquet of flowers? Branch out and try something functional and durable, like a 10-gauge...
Thumbnail for - Planning: Daffodils and Tulips
Apr 25, 2012
design ideas
It’s been a fine season for daffodils, tulips and other spring-flowering bulbs and the later Narcissus species and mid-season tulips are still looking snappy. So before you forget, head out...
Thumbnail for - Creamy Fresh and Light
Apr 24, 2012
Market Watch
Rich but light? Creamy but not heavy with calories? Can such opposites be reconciled in one dish? It is possible, and not even difficult. “Cream” soups made with low-fat milk, a touch of butter...
Listing 421 - 430 of 935 Results