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Thumbnail for - English Summer
Jun 11, 2012
Out and About
Clearly, the tiny United Kingdom is having a resurgence. Last year’s attention-getting royal wedding of that cute couple (Kate and what’s-his-name) was just a warm up. This year, Queen Liz...
Thumbnail for - Indigo Sunshine
Jun 11, 2012
Luxurious basics: that’s not an oxymoron, just a concise description of the sorts of tried and true traditional, old world exotic items for the home that you’ll find at Indigo Traders. The...
Thumbnail for - Fathers Have Their Day Too
Jun 10, 2012
Recipes for giving
At home, we love holidays. Really. Not just because they’re an excuse for parties, decorations or special sweet treats – though we don’t mind these. But, really, because at their essence holidays...
Thumbnail for - Raconteur and Seed Collector Steve Newall Talks Plants!
Jun 7, 2012
plant geek's corner
Noted plant expert from New Zealand, Steve Newall, will be in Friday night for a talk benefiting the Hardy Plant Society of Oregon. WHAT: Steve Newall talk on New Zealand plants titled Seed...
Thumbnail for - Cape Fuchsia
Jun 5, 2012
plant this!
Colorful, adaptable and feisty, Cape fuchsia (Phygelius) is a great garden plant that works wonderfully in summer containers, too, thanks to a seemingly endless supply of blossoms appearing...
Thumbnail for - Angel Food Cake the Easy Way
Jun 5, 2012
Market Watch
Crooner Kenny Rogers knew: "you gotta know when to hold ’em, know when to fold ’em." He wasn’t talking about making cakes from scratch, but he could’ve been. Most cakes made from a box mix...
Thumbnail for - Dear Ida, Will You Paint My House?
Jun 4, 2012
Digital photos are fantastically easy and immediate, but sometimes they don’t tell the whole story. Sometimes a visual record is more complete – more expressive and revealing – when told by an...
Thumbnail for - Beam & Anchor, House & Home
Jun 3, 2012
If you’re searching for the zeitgeist of Portland (beyond the satire provided on cable by Portlandia), you might want to drop by a nondescript warehouse huddled under the I-5 freeway spaghetti...
Thumbnail for - Elegant Eco-taining
Jun 2, 2012
$10 and under
Most of us are all too familiar with the throwaway culture our country is famous for – and the landfills that have resulted. Many of us are also familiar with the attempt to move beyond that...
Thumbnail for - Tiny Turnips White as Snow
May 29, 2012
Market Watch
It’s rare to hear someone remark, "it’s time for turnips." But if ever they do say such a thing, now will be the time. And once more of us taste the tiny turnips showing off at the local farmers...
Listing 391 - 400 of 935 Results