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Thumbnail for - Fern Fiesta
Aug 10, 2012
things to do
 It’s not too late to jump in the car Saturday or Sunday morning and head to Gold Bar, Washington for the famous Fronderosa Frolic at Fancy Fronds, undoubtedly the most incredible fern nursery...
Thumbnail for - Zoo Doo!
Aug 7, 2012
free stuff
Newsflash! Free Zoo Doo is back! The Oregon Zoo is once again offering Zoo Doo to the public. Zoo Doo is produced from herbivore manure and bedding (much of it courtesy of the Zoo’s "prolific...
Thumbnail for - Local Chickpeas? Yes, Please!
Aug 7, 2012
Market Watch
Getting out of Puddletown to explore other parts of our region typically means getting out to the mountain (Hood) or to the coast (Pacific). Central Oregon locations like Mt. Bachelor, Bend and...
Thumbnail for - Plant Fall Vegetables!
Aug 7, 2012
get dirty
Between harvesting a bounty of hot-weather veggies and summer vacations, it’s hard to focus on planning fall and winter crops. But now is the time to do it. Don’t worry if you missed the...
Thumbnail for - Holiday Nostalgia
Aug 6, 2012
Nostalgia can hit at any time. You might even anticipate its arrival, especially if you’re about to return from a great summer vacation. That’s why you buy souvenirs – to bring home a taste of...
Thumbnail for - Rustic Modern Mash-ups
Aug 5, 2012
Fabulous finds for the home come from many sources and corners of the world. Sometimes finding them is half the fun. The Internet has become a trusty guide to have along on our quixotic quests...
Thumbnail for - The Backstory on Belluschi
Aug 4, 2012
Out and About
It’s been high season for historical house tours, weekend getaways and outdoor festivals, so finding the time for a trip to the inner reaches of a downtown museum may have eluded you – as it has...
Thumbnail for - It’s Summer; Are You Grilling – Again?
Jul 31, 2012
Market Watch
It’s Portland. It’s summer. It’s beautiful outside. And it’s time for dinner. So, you ask, what are we going to make? Are we grilling, again? Well, yes. We can’t bring ourselves to be inside for...
Thumbnail for - Berkheya purpurea: a thistle gone good
Jul 30, 2012
plant pick of the week
Thistles have a terrible reputation. Not only are most of them seriously, painfully prickly, but they are often invasive, too. But not all thistles are bad. Take Berkheya purpurea, the South...
Thumbnail for - Milton Glaser Cuts a Rug
Jul 30, 2012
Milton Glaser has brought his talents and imagination to many projects, including several graphic design classics that we know by sight if not by name of designer. He came up with the “I [heart]...
Listing 341 - 350 of 935 Results