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Thumbnail for - Historic Homes Tour
May 16, 2011
Out and About
There’s something so alluring about looking inside other people’s houses. How do they decorate? What kind of paint color did they choose? And when the houses are historical, with architectural...
Thumbnail for - Rare Plant Research Open House
May 16, 2011
gardening events
Rare Plant Research in Oregon City is one of the best nurseries around for exotic tropicals and unusual hardy garden and container plants. But they only open once a year – occasionally twice....
Thumbnail for - Jasmine Banned in China
May 15, 2011
plants and politics
Newsbreak: Jasmine banned in China! According to a recently published New York Times article, both the flower and plant itself cannot be sold, purchased, worn, or talked about in China for...
Thumbnail for - Cheap, Chic Scrubbing Brushes
May 13, 2011
$10 and under
Step through the heavy wooden doors at Cargo in the Pearl District, and you’re immediately transported to a bazaar somewhere in Asia. I always find interesting items here that make me yearn to...
Thumbnail for - A Fantastic and Often-Overlooked Native Perennial
May 13, 2011
plant of the week
Smilacina racemosa – also known as false Solomon’s seal – is one of the loveliest of spring time natives found growing in woods and forest margins of the Pacific Northwest. This beautiful,...
Thumbnail for - I Know It’s Spring…
May 12, 2011
adventures in garden writing
One fun facet of my job is that I am asked to trial plants every spring. Last week, I received a huge box of annual flowers and some shrubs in the mail from Proven Winners. It’s always an...
Thumbnail for - West Elm Courts Etsy
May 12, 2011
Shopping Spree
Springtime shopping is on my agenda and I’m going to West Elm to meet some of Portland’s best Etsy artists. Thanks to West Elm and Lynn Russell who helped organize this extra cool collaboration...
Thumbnail for - Olive Oil for the Masses, B.Y.O.B.
May 11, 2011
Market Watch
Local foodinista, Jim Dixon, is my olive oil confidante, my vinegar guru, and my salt sage. He searches out some of the best pantry ingredients, near and far. Olive oil is one of his specialties,...
Thumbnail for - Roasting Coffee Beans At Home
May 10, 2011
Years ago, I’d stand at the window of Graffeo Coffee and sniff the burnt toast aroma, while peering inside at the enormous ancient roaster. Transforming those chalky green beans from faraway...
Thumbnail for - Nikki McClure Book Signing
May 10, 2011
Out and About
The artwork of Nikki McClure is a marvel. Armed with only an X-acto knife and a single sheet of paper, McClure carves out intricate papercut portraits that celebrate everyday work that’s usually...
Listing 861 - 870 of 1218 Results