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Thumbnail for - Nikki McClure Book Signing
May 10, 2011
Out and About
The artwork of Nikki McClure is a marvel. Armed with only an X-acto knife and a single sheet of paper, McClure carves out intricate papercut portraits that celebrate everyday work that’s usually...
Thumbnail for - Andy Paiko’s Amazing Glass
May 10, 2011
Made in PDX
You may have seen glass artist Andy Paiko’s bell jars around town at places like The Museum of Contemporary Craft or Paxton Gate. Wonderful whorls and swirls of glass intersect in graceful...
Thumbnail for - Top Design Trends with Trisha Guido
May 9, 2011
5 Questions With...
Since opening her store Relish in 2002, Trisha Guido has consistently had some of the most interesting and compelling home accessories and furnishings in town. With an emphasis on modern that’s...
Thumbnail for - Portland Audubon Native Plant Sale
May 9, 2011
upcoming events
Portland Audubon is holding its annual Native Plant Sale this weekend, Saturday May 14 and Sunday May 15, 2011 from 10 am to 4 pm. Over 100 species of Oregon wildflowers, shrubs, and trees will...
Thumbnail for - A Chicken-Keeping Primer
May 6, 2011
Read This
Perhaps your neighbor’s hens enjoy nosing around in your grass, or your friends are extoll the virtue of their chickens, and you’ve always secretly wanted a few fowl of your own—but you weren’t...
Thumbnail for - Question: When is the Best Time to Plant Tomatoes and Summer Flowers?
May 5, 2011
things to do
Here’s the burning question on most Portland area gardeners’ minds right now: CAN I PLANT MY TOMATOES OUT IN MY GARDEN YET? The answer is, yes – yes you can – but you shouldn’t quite yet,...
Thumbnail for - Furniture That’s Old and New, Bright and Beautiful
May 5, 2011
Made in PDX
Furniture with a history is the goal for one of Portland’s newest design collaborations. Hammer & Hand and Bright Design Lab have a sort of "open marriage" in their new retail studio in the...
Thumbnail for - The Wednesday Downtown Market is Back With a Bounty of Asparagus and Artichokes
May 3, 2011
Cook This Now
There’s a warm light at the end of the long winter tunnel. For vegetable and fruit fans, this is the time of year when Oregon shines. At the downtown Shemanski Park farmers’ market every...
Thumbnail for - Lovely Woolly Laptop Cases
May 3, 2011
Made in PDX
It’s a pleasure to discover a new local company putting out great products. So I was thrilled to stumble upon The Good Flock, a business started by Marco Murillo, a former product line manager at...
Thumbnail for - Grow Rapini or Spring Raab
May 3, 2011
plant of the week
Although today’s plant of the week looks beautiful in the garden right now, it isn’t really something you can plant right now… but it is the season to eat it… if you remember to get those seeds...
Listing 861 - 870 of 1209 Results