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Thumbnail for - Autumnal Arrangement Class
Nov 9, 2010
What with my recent terrarium book collaboration with Amy Bryant-Aiello , I’m becoming a bit of a nut for combing the ground for beautiful things to add to terrariums, wreaths, and vases, not to...
Thumbnail for - Manzanitas and Birds
Nov 5, 2010
weekend (and beyond) picks
Two interesting talks coming up for gardeners with an interest in sexy yet drought tolerant plants (manzanitas, to be specific) and birds… both should be worthy! First, the plants: What: Talk...
Thumbnail for - Day of the Dead
Nov 2, 2010
Every year in late October/early November, I arrange an altar for the Day of the Dead (Dia de los Muertos). While the altar is just one part of a many-dimensioned, complex Mexican cultural and...
Thumbnail for - Paperwhites by Thanksgiving!
Nov 1, 2010
things to do
The holidays are coming and that leads naturally to thought of gifts. One of my favorite, nifty little surprises to bring to parties, along with a bottle of something yummy, is a pot or jar of...
Thumbnail for - Fall Planting Season
Oct 28, 2010
things to do
It may look like the gardening season is winding down but… it isn’t, really! We are in the midst of the fall planting season: the best time of the year to plant bulbs like tulips and crocus, of...
Thumbnail for - how to ripen your green tomatoes
Oct 22, 2010
things to do
Okay, well some people have already mercilessly ripped out their tomato plants. To you impatient souls, I can only say: you’re missing out on the loveliness of watching your hard, green tomatoes...
Thumbnail for - Lessons from My Mother’s Garden
Oct 19, 2010
My mother has always had a way with plants. Houseplants, vegetables, and flowers all flourish under her care. While she’s always grown zinnias, dahlias, and gladiolus for cutting, her most...
Thumbnail for - Clackamas Community College’s Plant Sale
Oct 18, 2010
plant sale
A quick FYI – there’s a plant sale happening this Wednesday October 21: What: Clackamas Community College’s Fall Plant Sale Where: Clackamas Community College, Clairmont Hall, 19600 Molalla...
Thumbnail for - BOS to PDX
Oct 16, 2010
My apologies for my peremptory disappearance from your computer for the past two weeks. I have been finishing up the beautiful terrariums book, due for publication by Timber Press in Spring of...
Thumbnail for - Slide Show: Home, Grown
Oct 13, 2010
A charming Alameda fixer-upper slowly evolves into one family’s dream home.
Listing 1031 - 1040 of 1244 Results