Throw a Party

The finishing touch is a grill. Most stores don’t have large-enough grills in stock, but Hot Spot Fireplace & BBQ Shop in Beaverton will special-order the grate of your choice; they range in price from $70 to $150. You can set the grill right on top of your pit for cooking, then remove it for socializing and relaxing by the flames. Just make sure that you have a pretty good fire going before you start cooking. The one downside to this setup is that the grill needs to be supported on all sides, so in order to feed the fire, you’ll have to remove the grate.

Once your pit is operational, the flickering flames will add a welcome glow to all your outdoor gatherings this summer party season. And although no one can say who originally harnessed fire, you’ll certainly enjoy rediscovering its intrigue over a cocktail with your closest friends.