Tricks of the trade

Mind the Drop

Ensure that your wire can bear the weight of your picture or decoration. At full tension, your wire should measure 3 inches from the top of the frame.

Sit Pretty

Guests will be uncomfortable if they’re worried about bumping their heads or knocking artwork off the wall. Keep the bottom edge of frames 6 to 8 inches above couches or chair backs.

Avoid Glare

Museum-quality glass will protect and preserve your artwork while reducing glare. If you can’t make the splurge, place a piece of cork between the top of the frame and the wall to cut glare.

Meet the Eye

The most basic rule of hanging artwork is to place the center of the piece at eye level for someone standing in the middle of the room. This will be roughly 56 to 58 inches from the floor.

Although salon style is all about capturing a certain je ne sais quoi, there are some hanging tricks that will help you on your way. Adam Sorensen, art handler at PDX Contemporary Art, recommends using simple picture hangers with wire. “That way,” he says, “if the nail isn’t in the perfect place, you can still tweak the picture so it’s level.” Keep these bits of wisdom in mind as you arrange your art, and your collection will truly sing. C’est magnifique!