5. Center/Earth

Promote stability in your life by embracing yellows and browns, pottery, or square, flat objects like rugs and tiles.

6. Creativity and Children

Golds, pastels, rounded objects, and symbols of what you desire will enhance the creative process, whether you’re hoping to give birth to art, work, or actual babies.

7. Self-Knowledge and Spirituality

Feather a nook in your nest for quiet reflection and clean all mirrors and windows to ensure that you’re seeing things—including yourself—clearly.

8. Career

Dark blues and blacks, glass, and irregular, wavy shapes can help set you on your life’s true path—as long as the actual path to your home is welcoming to opportunities that come a-knockin’.

9. Travel and Helpful Friends

Renew your passport, rid your home of negative chi, clean out your car and garage, and invite people into your life who can make it easier, whether a teacher, a landscaper, or a feng shui consultant.

Clear Clutter

Clutter is the most common source of stagnant chi: it lowers energy and vitality,sustains the presence of bad memories (or bad gifts), and causes disarray. Take a close look through your belongings, weighing what you want and what you need. It’s a process of “setting goals and making choices on inner truth,” says Mansfield. “When you release stagnant things from your life, it opens up possibility and creates a shift in your own energy so you’re more receptive to new things.” Common chi-diminishers are unfinished projects, damaged or ill-fitting attire, and anything that conjures up negative feelings—the dusty box of glue and paper from your bookbinding class five years ago, that expensive but painfully tight pair of jeans, or the inherited couch with the broken leg.

If you don’t love something or use it regularly, and if it doesn’t enhance your life, get rid of it—that even goes for family heirlooms. Send your paper, glass, and plastic clutter to the green recycling bins; sell old stacks of books to Powell’s Books (multiple locations); take old clothes to a consignment shop like Buffalo Exchange or donate them to Goodwill; and haul household goods to a charity like the Community Warehouse (2267 N Interstate Ave).