Map the Bagua

If an area of your life is particularly unsatisfying, identifying its connection to specific areas in your home is the first step toward improving it. The main tool for determining this is the bagua, an energy blueprint of your living space that aligns your home’s physical structure with different aspects of your life. The bagua will act as a basic map of your home’s energy.

Sketch the floor plan of your home—a whole house, an apartment, or a single room—and align the bottom of the bagua (squares 7, 8, and 9) with your home’s main entryway. Parts of the bagua may land outside of the home, likely on a terrace, backyard, or sidewalk—these missing areas need to be defined rather than ignored. Planting a physical anchor, like a tree or sculpture, at the border of the missing area will recognize it as part of your home, even if it’s the domain of birds and bees.

Each of the nine gua is associated with a specific life situation and thrives on certain aesthetic elements. Try redecorating the gua that currently resonates with you, incorporating its preferred colors and shapes. Each life situation also corresponds with different functions of your home that are not necessarily related to the gua’s location. For example, the stove always represents wealth and abundance, whether it’s in your wealth corner or not—so be sure to keep it scrubbed!

Learn the Gua

1. Wealth and Prosperity

Stash some coins in a red pouch, install a fountain or images of water, or place an upward-sprouting plant in this area of your home. Make sure the kitchen stove and plumbing are in excellent shape—and put the toilet lid down already!

2. Fame and Reputation

Fire elements in this square, like lamps and the color red, will rev up your “it person” status. Be sure your home makes as excellent a first impression as you do—sweep the front stairs, dust off the door, and create a welcoming entry.

3. Love and Relationships

Buy gorgeous new sheets and a sexy framed photograph or sculpture. Ensure that each side of the bed has a side table, a lamp, and easy access.

4. Family

Make sure wood elements and the color green are represented well in this part of your home, clear work off the dining table, and fashion a comfy gathering place for your brood.