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Women's Health Annual 2012
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Thumbnail for - The Waiting Game
Sep 6, 2012
    For patients of Paula Amato, there are no gray areas, no charts with lines that curve up or down to indicate improvement or decline. There’s only positive or negative—one or the...
Thumbnail for - Health Watch: I Screen, You Screen
Sep 6, 2012
    Christmas comes but once a year. So, traditionally, did a woman’s Pap test. But the most recent guidelines from the American Cancer Society and the US Preventive Services Task Force...
Thumbnail for - Health Watch: Alphabet Soup
Sep 6, 2012
   If you’re someone who tries to stay on top of the latest recommendations about your health, you may have found the news about vitamins and supplements more confusing than helpful in recent...
Thumbnail for - Health Watch: Reform School
Sep 6, 2012
    Have you missed out on health insurance because you happened to list an injury you got in gymnastics class when you were seven, even though it’s never required treatment? Ever gambled...
Thumbnail for - Women's Health Annual 2012 Welcome
Sep 6, 2012
    From women seeking infertility care to those managing menopause, keeping healthy is crucial—whether preventing pregnancy complications, cancer, or heart disease—no matter what your age or...
Thumbnail for - Yogi vs. Yogi
Aug 24, 2012
The Mudroom
It's tea time! A duel for the rights of the Yogi Tea Brand allows for a Portland Monthly old-fashioned comparison of the Yogi's.
Thumbnail for - East Meets West Side
Aug 23, 2012
The Oregon College of Oriental Medicine flies in a feng shui master to channel its chi.
Thumbnail for - Field Notes
Aug 15, 2012
Finding the healing practice that's right for you.
Thumbnail for - Trail City
Jun 15, 2012
Cover Story
Within 20 miles of downtown you’ll find an astonishing 1,200 miles of trails and 40,000 acres of parks and natural areas. as hiking season arrives, we celebrate our seamless connection to nature by...
Thumbnail for - Best of the City 2012: Diversions
Apr 26, 2012
It's time for a change of hobby and we've got plenty of options, from hipster sports to sewing circles.
Listing 61 - 70 of 152 Results