1. Picklopolis Pickled Watermelon Rind ($7) Packing a powerful crunch, this sweet and sour seasonal pickle is brined in a syrup of apple cider vinegar and cloves. 

2. Moonbrine: Super Dill Pickles ($5) Made in small batches and preservative-free, these herbaceous lactofermented pickles beg to garnish your next sandwich plate.

3. Hot Winter Hot Sauce ($8) Owner Shawn Winter bred and cultivated the perfect pepper, using only heirloom seeds, for his line of distinctive fermented hot sauces. 

4. Olykraut Eastern European Gourmet Sauerkraut ($9) The Olympia-based kraut kings add caraway seeds and apple to their original recipe.

5. Salt, Fire & Time Coconut Yoghurt ($10) This tangy vegan yogurt, alive with active beneficial bacteria, is made in Southeast Portland with raw organic coconut meat and vanilla beans. 

6. Choi’s Kimchi Company Radish Kimchi ($6) Chunks of local daikon radishes give this kimchi a hearty crunch, while ginger and chiles turn up the heat. 

7. Nancy’s Probiotic Greek Yogurt ($2) Available with four varieties of organic Northwest berries, Nancy’s newest yogurt has 15 live culture strains.

8. Lionheart Kombucha Hero’s Blend ($3) This refreshing quaff blends gingko, bilberry, alfalfa, parsley, ginger, and hibiscus for a complex herbal flavor—with zero sugar.