cafe nell black tea

#39 Café Nell’s black tea toddy will cure what ails you—especially if it’s winter blues.

39 Liquid Cures
According to the experts (Café Nell’s bartenders), the therapeutic powers of the hot toddy are undeniable. Indeed, their menu of six variations—from the eye-opening Nell Coffee (Buffalo Trace bourbon, Grand Marnier, coffee, cinnamon, vanilla, and heavy cream) to the soothing black tea toddy (rye whiskey, milk, and honey)—all but assures the Dayquil can stay in the medicine cabinet. 1987 NW Kearney St; 503-295-6487;
40 The Road to Relaxation
Rushing water is nature’s sonic blankie. That makes the Historic Columbia River Highway, just 30 minutes from downtown, an ideal refuge from pressure-cooked days. From the Corbett exit on I-84, turn onto the scenic blacktop and access more than half a dozen roadside cascades, like wispy Latourell Falls and postcard-pretty Multnomah Falls (enjoyed this month with winter-lite crowds). And should your tummy require soothing, Multnomah Falls Lodge dishes comfort in the form of huckleberry pancakes and meaty salmon hash in a setting that’s a world apart from Portland’s hurly-burly brunch scene.
41 Tropical Salvage
In the last five Miss America pageants, Miss Hawaii has made the top 10 four times—and we think we know why. Discover the secret yourself at Kanani Pearl Spa, where friendly staff specialize in swaddling you in luxurious body wraps inspired by ancient Hawaiian healing practices. The espresso mud wrap ($122) remains a spa favorite. Start with a steam shower, then graduate to a full-body rub-down with an exfoliating mud mixture enhanced by finely ground Arabica coffee, Indian tobacco, and sarsaparilla. After 15 minutes cocooned with this rich mixture, another rinse, and a slathering of skin-softening kukui nut moisturizers, you’ll be practicing your own victory wave. 1111 NW Marshall St; 503-242-5500;

#42 Paragon’s fireplace makes a fine place to kick back.

42 Fan the Flames
When winter weather chases you inside, there is perhaps no cozier place to wait it out than fireside at Paragon. Pick a seat next to the Pearl District restaurant’s massive fireplace, and listen to the rain pelt against the glass roll-up doors while you tuck into a steaming plate of mussels soaked in an orange-sambuca butter sauce and smugly welcome back old man winter from your perch. 1309 NW Hoyt St; 503-833-5060;
43 Little Piggy Perk Up
We love pedicures as much as the next person, but not when we feel like we’re racing a bike over cobblestones, courtesy of those creepy mechanical massage chairs. Fortunately there’s nary a torture device in sight at Bliss, a slyly hip Southeast salon and day spa, where articulate, friendly staff soak, scrub, and paint your tootsies to a shine ($40) while you sip wine, tea, or Stumptown coffee, and indulge in their grand selection of trashy magazines. Pampering, defined. 3377 SE Division St; 503-232-2547;
44 Winter Warmers
Based on patterns from old Levi’s and Lee jean jackets, the Hill-side’s oversize wool scarves ($123)—more than 10 square feet—are usable as a wrap, a mini-blanket, a throw, or a very unusual table runner. They might come from an East Coast heritage design star, but they fit right in with the Northwest-craft pride of Woodlands Supply Company. 413 SW 13th ave; 503-922-1797;
45 Medicine That Goes Down Easy
Think of Sip juice cart’s list of “steamed juice elixirs” as hot cider, but with a twist—or three or four. The menu of feel-good drinks, brimming with freshly squeezed steamed pineapple, orange, apple, lemon, ginger, and immunity-boosting tinctures and herbs, promises to give your day a stress-quelling herbal kick. And it doesn’t hurt that they’re delicious.3029 SE 21st Ave & 2210 NE Alberta St;
46 Cups That Runneth Over
“Reese’s what?” One bite of Alma Chocolate’s decadent dark chocolate cups filled with a seductive rich Thai peanut sauce, tempered with hints of lime, chile, and ginger, and punctuated by a sprinkling of red volcanic sea salt, and those common peanut butter cups will seem a distant memory. 140 NE 28th Ave; 503-517-0262;

Photo: Courtesy Recesstime Sports Leagues

#47 Recesstime’s drop-in dodgeball is the perfect way to relieve a little pent-up aggression—and get your giggle on.

47 Ball Games
Bad day with the boss? Car costing you a fortune? Head over to Beverly Cleary School’s Fernwood campus Monday nights and take your frustration out on some not-so-innocent bystanders at Recesstime Sports’ drop-in dodgeball games ($4). What tension you don’t relieve by beaning someone with a rubber ball you’ll laugh off in this ridiculous (and absurdly fun) sport. 1915 NE 33rd Ave; 503-381-5056;
48 Deluxe Dinner and a Movie
The Living Room Theaters’ elegant bar-cum-cinema transforms ordinary moviegoing into extravagance with a menu that features divine thin-crust pizza, gourmet panini, and heavenly local chocolates from Missionary. When you’re ready, stroll into one of six intimate theaters with your wine glass and sink into a plush loveseat for one of the best selections of indie and foreign films in the city (from $5). You’ll find yourself wishing for a double feature. 341 SW 10th Ave; 971-222-2010;
Living Room Theaters

Photo: Courtesy Living Room Theaters

#48 Dinner and a movie never felt so divine as at the Living Room Theaters.

49 Tough Day Après
The next time you have a particularly taxing day at the office, try swapping that post-work wine for a cup of kava, the soothing Polynesian elixir. Used ceremonially and medicinally for thousands of years, kava is a mixture of water and Piper methysticum root. For islanders, it has long served as an anxiety and insomnia treatment, muscle relaxant, and social drink. At the Bula Kava House in Southeast Portland, pick your blend from a small menu, sip it from a coconut shell, and let the euphoria blossom. Now that’s what we call a happy hour. 3115 SE Division St; 503-477-7823;
50 Sweet Dreams
Wrap yourself in luxury with the soft-as-silk Legna sheets (from $912 for a queen set) from French Quarter Linens. Made from Italian beech wood, these woven sheets put your 1,000-thread-count cotton ones to shame.
1313 NW Glisan st; 503-282-8200;