Enso Wine Bar

Photo: Courtesy Tyler Riewer

#25 Sip in the city at Enso Wine Bar.

25 Wine Tasting Sans Traffic
Skip the drive to wine country by tasting right in town at Enso Wine Bar. For $5, you can sip your way through the winery’s current releases, all made on-site from local grapes, plus sample guest wines, beers, salami, and cheese from the comfort of a thick-cushioned couch in Enso’s garage-chic tasting lounge. 1416 SE Stark St; 503-683-3676; ensowinery.com
26 Staycations

Snuggled up on the Willamette’s shore, RiverPlace Hotel rewards you just for being you: from now through February, locals can snag a 30 percent discount at this high-end hotel any Sunday (from $139). 1510 SW Harbor Way; 503-228-3233

27 Detail Work
Portland men, we get it: for all your post-metrosexual coolness, spas still give you the willies. And yet you abuse your digits with all that hiking, cold-weather biking, and artisan whittling class. The solution lies in Akasu’s special “men’s menu.” A full “detailing” session ($70)—known, in the women’s world, as a mani-pedi—provides much-needed clipping, scrubbing, and cleaning, plus a chance to chill in a beautifully restored Victorian house with enough wood flooring and modern décor to keep your macho side from freaking out. 2037 N Williams Ave; 503-287-3813; akasusalon.com
28 Mother’s Knows Best

Chili is one of winter’s go-to meals, in part because of its hearty deliciousness, and in part because a single pot can last days, making dinner (or lunch, or sometimes, yes, breakfast) a stress-free affair. If Grandma hasn’t shared her secret recipe yet, try Mother’s Bistro chef-owner Lisa Schroeder’s easy version, which can be made in just a couple of hours, and probably without a trip to the grocery store. —BT

29 Sweet Somethings

Since James Beard Award–winning baker Kim Boyce moved to town last year, she’s been treating Portlanders to her fresh-baked ideas at local spots like the Daily Café and Ristretto Roasters. (And soon she’ll open her own space on NE Sandy Bouldevard.) But her unmatched chocolate orange pecan scones—buttery pillows swirled with creamy chocolate and ground pecans—prove there’s more than just comfort in carbs; there’s also artistry. available at Daily Café, dailycafe.net, and Ristretto Roasters, ristrettoroasters.com

Japanese Zen Garden.

Photo: Courtesy Portland Japanese Garden

#30 Find tranquility in the sand at the Japanese Zen Garden.

30 Eastern Art
One of Portland’s most-visited tourist destinations, the Japanese Garden ($9.50), actually gets better in the winter, when the crowds stay indoors and the rain provides soothing aural and visual stimuli. You may not be able to move mountains at work, but a calm, clear mind will help you tunnel through them. Find your Zen moment with a stroll through the Japanese Garden’s five distinct areas to the karesansui, or Sand and Stone Garden, where carefully placed stones and blank spaces make room for quiet contemplation. 611 SW Kingston Ave; 503-223-1321; japanesegarden.com
31 Fuzzy Feelings

Research has shown that petting animals can reduce stress, enhance your mood, and even lower blood pressure. But if you don’t have a furry friend at home, you can still reap those benefits with the Oregon Humane Society’s “Running With Dogs” program. On weekends, qualified volunteers can take high-energy canine critters running near the Kennedy School. The dogs earn a bit of freedom and more social confidence; you gain a relentless—and adoring—personal trainer. 1067 NE Columbia Blvd; 503-285-7722; oregonhumane.org

32 Body Work on the Go
If that last meeting with a prickly client left your shoulders in knots, spend your coffee break at Spa Sassé. The underground retreat smack in the heart of downtown boasts a menu of more than a dozen massages including a 15-minute quick fix ($20). Still tied up at the end of the day? Book a 90-minute hot stone massage, guaranteed to gently banish the worst of your workweek woes. 630 SW Alder St; 503-228-8266; spasasse.com
33 The Pearl Is Your Oyster
Christmas shopping on your own takes two hours. With the kids, try four. WeVillage Childcare can help you regain lost time. Located right on the streetcar line, this Pearl District center will play, draw, sing, dance, and even whip up organic meals for 2-to 12-year-olds while you enjoy some whine-free browsing ($15 per hour). The best part? There’s no need to plan ahead. Just drop your rug rats off and go. And if you get done early, WeVillage gives discounts to members for nearby salons and gyms. After all, a little me-time is probably in order after shopping for them. 424 NW 11th Ave; 503-935-5590; wevillage.com
34 Pot of Gold
Some foods have the power to transport you—from your foul mood, from those lingering flulike symptoms, from that deadline bearing down on you. Blueplate, an old-school lunch counter and soda fountain, seems to serve most of them: meatloaf, sloppy joes, grilled cheese, and creamy milkshakes. The real star, though, shows up only on Tuesdays, when the aroma of Grandma’s Pot Roast fills this casual eatery, and tender chunks of falling-apart brisket with carrots and whole potatoes fill your plate. 308 SW Washington St; 503-295-2583; eatatblueplate.com
35 Chic, Cheap Style Finds
Retail therapy is a lovely thing, but guilt is not. Modo has the answer in its well-curated jumble of designer and used fashion. Here, Louis Vuitton bags commingle with jaunty J. Crew pullovers and excellent oddities. (Zip-up Italian cowhide boots? $80? Si!) The shop’s pricing system rewards repeat business, too: items get progressively cheaper each month they’re on the floor, with the discount schedule spelled out on the price tag. 729 E Burnside St, suite 103; 503-232-3056; themodowebsite.com
Radius Community Art Studio

Photo: Courtesy Radius

#36 Sculpting is soothing at Radius Community Art Studio.

36 Clay That Calms
In our ever so digital world, it can be easy to forget that creating something out of an actual substance can be comforting. Reacquaint yourself with your hands (and your sanity) through the very tactile art of pottery-making at Radius Community Art Studios, which teaches classes for a range of experience levels. If a six-week series (from $200) is too much commitment, you can always use Radius’s open studio for a mere 5 bucks an hour. 322 SE Morrison St; 503-231-4145; radiusstudio.org
37 Pamper Your Peds
Give your feet the respect they deserve with a trip to Fit Right NW, where running-shoe specialists will perform a free in-depth gait analysis to ensure you’ve got the proper kicks. A videotaped treadmill run will reveal any footwork flaws, like overpronation, and then you get to play Cinderella: Fit Right’s shoe sleuths will haul out a bevy of sneaks for you to try on until you find your happily ever after. 2258 NW Raleigh St; 503-525-2122; fit-right-nw.com
38 Deep Breathes
Decompress, literally, in one of Barre3’s yoga-meets-ballet classes, where the focus is as much on breathing as it is on sweating. This Portland-born workout trend (the first studio opened here in 2008) combines Pilates-style core-strengthening with ballet’s muscle-lengthening bar exercises in hourlong workouts ($20) that home in on aligning and balancing your body, giving you the energy to make it through another Oregon winter. multiple locations; 503-206-4453; barre3.com