Mississippi Market Food Cart Pod


WHEN HIS CONDO PROJECT tanked, low-key developer Roger Goldingay became Portland’s Accidental Food Cart Visionary, transforming an empty lot into a new model for street food: an intentional food-cart community and neighborhood gathering place. Curated and comfortable, Mississippi Marketplace boasts 10 spiffy carts, pop-up vendors, and a craft-food mentality, plus plentiful shaded tables in a revival-tent atmosphere. Goldingay lured some budding food-cart stars, discovered unknown talent, and created an outdoor eating destination (and vegan stronghold) unlike any place in the country. Don’t expect fast-food or deep-fried goofs here. Think Slow Food-Cart Movement, where dedicated cooks grind quinoa into flour, carefully source ingredients, and pay attention to presentation. Twenty minutes for a fried-egg sandwich—are you serious? Then again, it may be the best you’ve ever had.


Updated 08/22/2012


N Mississippi Ave & Skidmore St
Portland, OR 97217

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