Caraqueña Michelle's Amazing Venezuelan Kitchen

Features: Lunch

Recommended: Michelle’s Plate ($7)

Boldly subtitled “Michelle’s Amazing Venezuelan Kitchen,” Caraqueña blends the chef’s family traditions and verve with Northwest ingredients. Flaky empanadas and buttery arepas (cornmeal cakes) filled with well-seasoned meats are the cornerstone, but side dishes linger even longer on the palate: subtly sweet black beans and rice, luscious fried plantains with a horseradish aioli dipping sauce, and the beet salad—a refreshing, slaw-like tangle of pickled beets, carrots, and cabbage with a mustard-papaya vinaigrette. Order Michelle’s Plate to sample it all.

Updated 08/16/2012


327 N Denver St.
Portland, OR 97217
Tue-Sat 12-3, 5-8:30
Sun 12-6

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