From the clay court to the powdery slopes, sports camps are where the action heats up this summer.

The Sports Camps



Length of Stay: Extended
Age Range of Campers: 9-20
Staff-to-Camper Ratio: 1:2
Price (for specific length of stay mentioned): $1,895-1,950

SUMMER SNOWBOARD camp might seem like an oxymoron if you lived anywhere other than near the Palmer Glacier of Mount Hood. One of the only sites in the country to offer lessons in July on its perpetual snows, it also becomes the perpetual playground of the High Cascade Snowboard Camp. With two halfpipes and two terrain parks, HCSC’s eight-day camps attract more than a thousand teens from around the globe—from those just beginning on the bunny hill to those who rip through the park like Danny Kass or Shaun “The Flying Tomato” White. Based at Government Camp, your boarder will learn from this summer’s guest instructors, Olympic halfpipe bronze medalist Scotty Lago and Olympic competitor Gretchen Bleiler. After long days of “shred time” pulling Ollies and Alley Oops, campers return to their chalet for some much-needed shut-eye right after catching a must-watch snowboarding flick with pals



Length of Stay: Extended
Age Range of Campers: 8-18
Staff-to-Camper Ratio: 1:8
Price (for specific length of stay mentioned): $805

WHETHER YOUR KID still titters about “love” being a “score” or your little pro has already begun training for Wimbledon 2020, this six-day, five-night Nike-sponsored residential camp at Oregon State University’s Corvallis campus offers instruction according to skill level, with drills and match play led by OSU’s former assistant coach, Ross Duncan. In addition to improving the speed of their serves, the loft of their lobs and the accuracy of their backhands, the camp lets kids give the racquet a rest with other activities such as bowling, swimming, pizza and movie night, and even a camp dance. Housed in the Corvallis campus dorms less than 100 yards away from the hardcourts, your future Federer and Sharapova will fall asleep to championship dreams of the next day’s big match. (Plus, with every participant scoring free Nike apparel, you can check some clothes off your back-to-school shopping list come August.) .

Bungee over a trampoline, just for fun.



Length of Stay: Day
Age Range of Campers: 3-12
Staff-to-Camper Ratio: 1:7-8
Price (for specific length of stay mentioned): $55-130

THE 30,000-square-foot Naydenov Gymnastics school in Vancouver bills itself as the largest gymnastics facility in the Northwest, complete with an inflatable waterslide and an adjacent park for outdoor play. Instruction at Naydenov—named for the school’s founder, former Bulgarian Circus member Jordan Naydenov—involves dismounts off the balance beam, flips on the high bar and routines on the rings in preparation for a Mini Olympics in August. In addition to tumbling, Naydenov emphasizes excellence in a variety of sports and mental gymnastics: Three-day camps for preschoolers also include crafts, water play and math and reading lessons, while older campers up to 12 spend five days learning the basics of volleyball, basketball or soccer. While all this may seem like a lot to pack in to a 9-to-3 day, there’s still enough free time to bungee over a giant trampoline, just for fun.



Length of Stay: Day
Age Range of Campers: 5-12
Staff-to-Camper Ratio: 1:12-16
Price (for specific length of stay mentioned): $185

WHILE POSH SPICE’S husband scored a $250 million contract to play what he calls football with the Los Angeles Galaxy, Bernie Fagan, former PSU coach and ex-Portland Timber, has found his reward in teaching pint-size players for the past 26 summers. At fields across Portland, Clackamas, and Hillsboro, beginner kickers to soccer jocks spend five days learning to bend it just like Beckham.



Length of Stay: Day
Age Range of Campers: 7-13
Staff-to-Camper Ratio: 1:4
Price (for specific length of stay mentioned): $240-265

AT OUTFITTER Big Winds’ private beach in Hood River, beginners spend half-days learning the basics of the board—such as sailing and harness use—inside the peaceful Hook Lagoon, while the advanced class takes on deeper water and higher winds as they begin to jibe on the Columbia in the open gorge. Since the four-day camps are run by the largest windsurfing shop in the United States, the program includes gear even the pros would envy.



Length of Stay: Day
Age Range of Campers: 6-15
Staff-to-Camper Ratio: 1:5
Price (for specific length of stay mentioned): $275

THE NONPROFIT Community Cycling Center on NE Alberta St removes the training wheels with a tour de force education in basic bike maintenance and safety before campers hit the bike lanes each day to explore Stumptown on two wheels. Each weeklong camp ends with a graduation ceremony, and throughout the week pedalers are awarded a saddle bag full of goodies.



Length of Stay: Day
Age Range of Campers: 6-11
Staff-to-Camper Ratio: 1:10
Price (for specific length of stay mentioned): $199-250

PUT DOWN the Pokémon cards; it’s time for poekoelan—an Indonesian martial art that teaches kids how to hand strike and roundhouse kick just like Bruce Lee. This year the organization, located at SE Hawthorne & 42nd, celebrates 29 years of teaching martial arts to karate kids all over Portland and Vancouver. The five-day camps help children build not only muscle, but some powerful self-esteem as well.



Length of Stay: Day
Age Range of Campers: 6-12
Staff-to-Camper Ratio: 1:7
Price (for specific length of stay mentioned): $198

KIDS CAN CHILL this summer at the Lloyd Center ice rink, where campers practice hockey stops and twizzle turns. Each week is themed; choose music week at the rink, and your skater will explore rhythm and beats on and off the ice. And just as cool for parents are the affordable price tag and convenient location.