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During X Games 14 Big Air Slam, professional skateboarder, Danny Way, had one of the worst wipeouts, falling head over feet before slamming onto his back. Medical staff scorted him from the megaramp—an invention of his own making— and began treating his rapidly swelling fractured ankle. Against doctor's orders, Way hobbles up the steps of the megaramp and this time, he nails the trick. This is textbook Danny Way.


This heartpounding documentary spans the career of Portland-born Way, from his troubled childhood to his first successes in skateboarding and the continual quest for bigger, faster, and more. Way, known for his fearlessness, has broken numerous world records for "biggest air," has dropped onto the ramp from a helicopter, and in 2005, he became the first person to jump across the Great Wall of China... on his skateboard. Here, fellow extreme sports stars, Laird Hamilton, Travis Pastrana, Tony Hawk, and others, reflect on an impressive career full of trials and tribulations and broken bones.
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Daily at 6:40pm, from December 7, 2012 until December 13, 2012
Daily at 8:45pm, from December 7, 2012 until December 13, 2012
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