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"If you remember the Shatner-narrated title sequence that opened most episodes of Star Trek, you’ll recall that the starship Enterprise’s mission—'to explore strange new worlds, to seek out new life and new civilizations,' yada yada yada—was only ever a five-year one. So, too, the mission of Trek in the Park, theater company Atomic Arts’ annual series of live recreations of classic Star Trek episodes. Over the [last four years], Trek in the Park’s audiences grew into the four-digit range, requiring the productions to move from Woodlawn Park to Cathedral Park, and drew notice from the likes of National Public Radio and Portlandia. This month, Atomic Arts completes its mission with performances every weekend of one of Trek’s best/worst episodes, 1967’s 'The Trouble with Tribbles.'” Read our review.

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Every 7th Day at 5pm, from August 3, 2013 until August 24, 2013
Every 7th Day at 5pm, from August 4, 2013 until August 25, 2013
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N Edison St and Pittsburg Ave
Portland, OR
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