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Since TBA has grown into an international festival, we asked curators from around the country to give us the inside scoop on their favorite artists. Read more of their picks.


"He is someone who is an important, relatively new, and highly innovative artist, based in New York, but not yet well known on the west coast. We will definitely go to one of his performances." —Paul King, cofounder of dance promoter White Bird


"This year I am looking forward to seeing M2M by Trajal Harrell.  It is the latest and last version of his series called 20 Looks or Paris is Burning at Judson Church. I have presented a few of the earlier versions and am excited to see how he concludes the series." —David J Henry, director of programs at Boston’s Institute of Contemporary Art


This New York dancer made international waves with his five-part series exploring a hypothetical question: what would have happened in 1963 if Harlem’s extravagant gay ball scene (the originators of voguing) had intersected with the minimalist postmodern dance scene downtown? The answer, according to the New York Times, is “seductive, seditious, [and] subversive.”

Phone: 503-242-1419
Event Categories: Dance, Art
Event Organizer: PICA
September 13, 2013 at 8:30pm
September 14, 2013 at 8:30pm
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